Most Republicans Don’t Believe Biden Legitimate 2020 Winner: Polling

When it comes to the 2020 election, 67 percent of Republicans believe Joe Biden is not the legitimate winner, according to new polling. Also, 80 percent of Republican voters who heard about Rep. Cheney's removal from leadership agree with the decision.
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    1. @Rusty Wooden spoon Define MSM! By that do you mean that I refuse to watch FAUZ NUZ and listen to Toker and Hannity? Then you would be accurate !!!!!!!!!

    2. @Matt O you can correct me if I’m wrong but if you look at the video im pretty sure trump said “disinfectant” not bleach.

    3. @Matt O lol you tell kazoo to try again but you kinda just proved him right trump never used the word “bleach”. So who’s lying??

  1. All voters should begin Now studying their State’s Candidates and prepare to VOTE the People OUT of Office who does Not believe in the Constitution

    1. @Scahoni please, not this BS again – “Most secure in US History” – Bill Bar & DHS on 2020 US election.

    2. @VTrider More ridiculous than Biden received the most votes in US history, ~19 million more than Barak Obama?

    1. @Bobby Foster
      💩Rioters left feces, urine in hallways and offices during mobbing of US Capitol
      By Carl Campanile and Yaron Steinbuch January 8, 2021 NYPOST💩

    2. @Bobby Foster
      What is the new party going to be called: Fascist Republican party, KKK Republican party, Socialist republican party, Nationalist republican party; Trump Republican party?

    3. @Mark W If you re-read my comment, please realize that I implied that reading any articles on either side of the issue is a waste of time. Your reading it does not impact the outcome of something that is in the past.

  2. I love how she said we need to be a nation of laws….so I guess breaking the law on their end does not count. The corruption and just craziness of it all blows my mind.

    1. @nosuchthing8 trump didn’t lose any case. They threw them out without looking at the evidence. That’s a big difference then losing court cases.

    2. @Lee C the only people who cheat are all liberals. But they have been losers their whole life.

  3. “If there is nothing wrong there shouldn’t be anything to hide”
    -The media the last 4+ years

    1. @Yannis Karageorgiou he had it split over the states and allowed each state to determine the best way for them. Fauci did zero work on the vaccine. Moderna and Pfizer did all the work

    2. @VTrider which part? You want to go against a right winger, you better come with facts and citations. You’ll get trashed like the nazi you are.

    3. @Diasent Domorincon So I checked and that isn’t true. States were asking and weren’t receiving. His plan was to use the military to distribute it.

    1. @The Last Airbender totally for it it. Doesn’t really pertain to the video or her… She didn’t do anything criminal.

    1. @TribeBills Sabres6ers gosh, these tRumpers are so laughable. They project so much. Just a bunch of nobodys. 🤣🤣🤣

    2. @TribeBills Sabres6ers for real! He could have saved that man by taking out Cheney. He’d be even more of a national hero. Took out a war pig AND saved a life. It’d be too good ro be true.

    1. Yeah, look at Maricopa county and what’s going on… A huge carnival complete with the GQP clown car… and I’m not talking about the actual carnival in the parking lot.

  4. ‘ There is ‘ No Honor ‘ in a Cheaters Chair ‘ ! ” Responsibility Matters for All Lives ” !

  5. It was like a boxing match, for 9 rounds one boxer was far superior and everybody knew he won, then the referee
    raises his opponents arm, and declares him the winner, WFT is what people think.

  6. We all know what really happened during the election no matter how hard Twitter and Facebook tried to cover up the dark age of controlling information is over.

    1. @Youtube Censorship look Biden is president! Just as Trump was when elected. Accept it! However the past 4 years the media has lied time and time again. So yes Joe won, he is President, all because of lies! I bet most of the people in here still think Trump called Covid a hoax!

    2. @Youtube Censorship dude imagine being this guy. Like imagine waking up every day and not living in reality. Imagine thinking you’re smarter than everyone but youre….this guy. LOL

    3. @The JakeVegas biden is the resident not the president. Biden didnt win anything. And covid is a hoax. And I would hate to see how you scared liberals would act if a real pandemic were to happen. Yes media lies about everything and they have lied to you saying biden won. When he didnt win anything. They are just covered everything up and ban anyone who says mass voter fraud was committed. Treason happened at the highest level and Americans did nothing. That’s how far America has fallen.

    4. @Colin Rini imagine waking up everyday and not knowing what gender you are but trying to tell people you are something you are not. Liberals don’t know what reality is and live in fantasy land. But you are just a liberal 🐑😷

    5. @Youtube Censorship 😂 lmao, you speak as if you know me, you do not! I most certainly am not a liberal! I am an American, and in this country you are innocent until proven guilty! Biden is just as innocent as Trump is, because nothing has been proven! People need to open their eyes and look deeper than the media!

  7. And that is why you do not “continue ” anymore Liz 😉 Did you realize how often she use that word? 🤔

    1. If you look up the YouGov website where this “polling” information comes from, it’s apparently just a data collection website from various forms of social media. Obviously flagrant opportunities for data manipulation by simply not looking in the right places for peoples’ opinions for/against and being selective. If they looked on YouTube they would get a HECK of a different picture on their “data”.

  8. Vladimir Putin said when asked “Have you spoken with Biden yet”?
    Putin “The world knows Biden isn’t President of the U.S.A , we are just waiting on America to wake up”

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