Mothers of biracial children react to Meghan and Harry interview | USA TODAY 1

Mothers of biracial children react to Meghan and Harry interview | USA TODAY


Mothers of biracial children speak out about their experiences after Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s shocking interview.

Three mothers of biracial children speak out about their experiences after Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s shocking interview.

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  1. Of course they are going to blame the woman – they always do- Bc men rule this world. The media needs to just leave them alone. They are young and a new couple and trying to find their way to happiness.

    1. I think back how the media did to Megan. Every day it was something negative about Megan. They did not do Camille like that and she broke up a family.

    1. You don’t understand, until you face it or see people you care about face it. When you’re white you live in a bubble. I’m white and didn’t understand systematic racism is REAL for a long time.

    2. @Leonie Romanes you just assumed my experiences based on my skin color. you assume that because i am white, i lived in a bubble. you’re racist.

  2. No one wants to talk about it because it makes one look at themselves and the wrong thoughts they’ve had.

  3. The question asked of Harry came from someone very dim, and there is none so dim as Harry’s father, Charles. I would hardly call him a prince among men.

    1. I can bet you my last penny it was him!! He’s the most weakest minded man I’ve ever seen, Diana was too good for him

    2. I thought it was him, also! They said two names out of three that it wasn’t. It has to be Charles.

  4. My children are Biracial…. I am soooo ANGRY that our children are singled out for a uniquely cruel and often acceptable form of racism…. sometimes by family members!!!!

    One of the women talks about the nurse misdiagnosing Jaundice “THATS just how mixed babies look” that child could have died or become seriously ill

    I’m Canadian, my daughter also had jaundice…. thank God my nurses were Black they recognized it right away ….

    1. My children are also mixed both sides of the family his and mine talked about what our baby would look like, would he look like me or him I don’t find that racist at all, my daughter is white and both sides also chatted about what she would look like, my son would be loved regardless I feel it’s normal for families to chat about what their coming baby will look like as long as it’s not a problem for the child and said on a derogatory manner.

  5. We all just need to drop this word “biracial” makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. Our society is week and just can’t move ahead.

  6. The comment & questions about skin color were made BEFORE they were married. Not after Archie’s birth.

    1. @Leonie Romanes it doesn’t really make a difference but people are still learning, growing and evolving. At some point, it would be wonderful if people would gently say that comment could be misconstrued as racist but I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and educate you on the correct way to have this conversation. There is a chance to let go of being defensive and take on the role of educators.

    1. i’ll go first. you’ve been thinking about race because you think skin color defines someone. you’re racist and you don’t even know it.

  7. I’ll admit, as a white woman whose niece and nephew are biracial, there was so much I didn’t know when my sister had them. I’d always thought I wasn’t biased, and definitely not racist. I remember asking my sister some questions when she was pregnant, I can’t remember exactly what, but I’d definitely mention them in an innocent way. She got berry upset by them, and I felt really terrible because I never in a million years wanted to say or do anything that would be hurtful. It was then I realized I needed to take a step back, and try to recognize my own biases. Some people call that being “woke”, but honestly, I just realized how much I don’t know because these are things I’d never experienced. I’m hoping that this will be a similar learning experience for the RF, that they recognize how hurtful this was for Meghan and Harry, as well as Archie even though he’s too small to understand right now. I hope it’s a learning experience for society in general.

    1. I agree racism exists in African Americans aswell. Ur too dark or too light or high yellow, its a mess. Even i when I had my 2 older children their father was much darker than I when they were born they had his color and there were another black lady so her baby was lighter than mine. But I kinda felt some kind of way. Although my kids are beautiful I love their color. Black is beautiful brown is beautiful all colors are beautiful. My grandchildren are absolutely beautiful they are mixed with Caucasian and Hispanic. But when I would take her with me people would ask what she’s mixed with and I never get angry. I think its stupid I really do. We all need to get over it. OMG

    2. @Ariel Massage u write all these thoughts to try and redeem ur self? I don’t understand why ur writing to me in the first place. I’m sorry how u feel. Im not trying to give u a valid reason on how I feel about racism. U guys always seeking an explanation? I’m so sorry I’m not the one. Please Google the information that ur seeking

  8. My husband and I have been married for 18 years raised four kids and have three grandsons who are all mixed.we love our children and want to protect them we are all humans at the end of the day

  9. Most of humanity knows that we are one loving family of light energy beings with different outer bodies(vessels/shells/houses-whatever you want to call it). As for the of beings who haven’t awakened, let’s send them LOVE

  10. The experience I had as a biracial woman and my children I’ve been told we are not black enough and that’s coming from the black community. So you get it from both sides

    1. @michelle elmore I grew up in South Central in the 60s there was nothing welcoming about my different look. When I was growing up it was all about good hair bad hair and even that’s strange to me even today. I don’t understand the obsession with good bad hair. My children came out more fair than I did and they had to deal with the half-breed remarks in their time now my grandchildren have to deal with the not black enough and you don’t have a black card whatever that means I’m native from the Oni tribe Cherokee French and black and the common questions are to me and my family what are you my answer is normally human what are you

    2. I’ve been told I’m white because I liked to read as a child,& both of my parents are black. Discrimination in the black community comes from all sides no matter how light skinned you are. I’m not fair skinned, biracial, or curly haired either,but I was still told I’m white.

    3. @Sasha Thompson If you are one of those idiots that says “I’m Black and Jamaican” you are only fooling yourself. They are both just African. Same is true of some Black and Latino Biracials.

    4. @s c that happened to me alot too. I am very light with a pointed nose and thin lips. My mother is black and my father mixed. I didn’t have negative comments until I moved South at 14. I am so glad I was born and raised mostly in the North in a mixed area. That environment gave me a good foundation to know who I am as a human being.

  11. I was told I couch my daughter and I was lying about the abuse from the white Australian father . I was discredited by family court .this so painful experience . And no help in Australia

  12. I think Harry is hurting deep down for the lost of his mother. Every thing hangs on his pent up grief.

  13. What parent /family of mixed children at one point didn’t ask the question about their baby’s colors going be like…As a person of color, I’m sick and tired of the same old narrative of treating us as victims of racism super offensive. I am not a victim and I am definitely NOT oppressed. These two fools using the race card to gain money and attention and people falling for this BS. This will not end well for these opportunists.

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