Mourners and family leaving after the private service for George Floyd | USA TODAY 1

Mourners and family leaving after the private service for George Floyd | USA TODAY


George Floyd will be laid to rest next to his mother, Larcenia Floyd, at the Houston Memorial Gardens cemetery in Texas.

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Memorials in Houston this week honored Floyd, 46, who died while in police custody in Minneapolis on May 25. The former police officer who pressed his knee into Floyd's neck for nearly nine minutes during the arrest was arrested and charged with second-degree murder, and three other officers on the scene were charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder.

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    1. @Arthur Anderson no its an opinion of anothwr race r ur race regardless we r in thia together whether ppl wants to see it not but this is what our stands for right freedom of speech and nothing this person said was About color it was there opinion only so stop racism in ur heart it starts in our homes ….

    2. I’m sorry you had to go through that. But trust me, these people will get what’s coming to them for this bullshit.

    1. @Een Dvf hero? Are you that stupid haven’t you know that he was actually a career criminal.

    2. kiko Palomo-casem so what? His criminal record had nothing to do with what happened with him and the cops and he didn’t deserve to get killed no matter what he did in the past

  1. And just like that the virus disappeared.
    Had a family member or friend die in the last 3 months? Too bad you and they weren’t the right skin color and couldn’t be used by the media and politicians.

    1. I agree
      My uncle passed 3 1/2 weeks ago and we couldn’t give him a proper goodbye and I have this woman in my comment saying I should’ve held the funeral in a different state . Like WTF!!! As if funerals are affordable as is. I didn’t see anyone making a big deal about Covid spread during the riots and protesting but me mentioning us not being able to give a decent goodbye to my uncle offends people because why? He wasn’t the right color to be acknowledged. It’s unbelievable if you ask me.

    2. @Kristie Rae Yep, my grandmother, was not able to have a decent funeral, only 4 people, not including me, were able to attend.

    3. @Kristie Rae not about cor its about us citozens that r abused every single day w officals who think they run us geeezzzzz

    4. @Arthur Anderson I agree I was 17 had a brother slapped in the chest by a black officer never once spoke About it til now bc he deserved it but loosing ones life regardless race is not acceptable in all walks of life happens everyday only reason we hear about it more bc black community dont keep quite Nd it becimes racism when its in all communities bc other races is too coward too speak time too change it and if we keep coming against eachother and keep looking at it about race we all screwed bc us ppl will keep killing one other and keep embrassing each other as citizens of our so called great

  2. Wonder if USA will be covering David Dorns funeral ………………………….

    Something tells me…..not likely…..

  3. This is all very political and quite disgusting. I don’t trust our media or politicians. Look for silence at Captain Dorn’s funeral tommorow.

    1. Why want your community come together for his funeral as well, if you not helping his family pay for his funeral why you saying anything. TF

    2. @Jessica Konseiga actually its not about money its about justice for a American citizen who life waa taken by an official who thought they was abovw They law like so many of our officals who we as American cotozens work so hard for while they stack our hard working money and make it about them instead what our stands for

    3. @Beatrice May it’s about the money.the blacks want the whites to raise their kids because they have failed

    4. @dave coleman
      Here we go with some more ridiculous racist bigoted bs that you know you can’t prove.

    5. Yes the ceremony was used for a political statement. In the two minutes I saw, 20 children died of starvation – many of them black. The clergyman speaking was silent on that point as he shouted about black lives.

  4. Don’t worry, in about a month the blue state governors and mayors will allow you measly average Americans to bury and celebrate your love ones who died in MARCH! .. Just be patient.. after all, these are “the experts”…

  5. If this is my family I will chose to have the funeral in total privacy to close family members and friends.

    1. Listen to the actual statement by the clergyman – he used the ceremony to make a political statement.

  6. It’s a comedy. They shout n cry for him but not for Captain Dorn. So many people just take advantage of this. All lives matter. So fake n funny when leaders and celebreties came to the funeral of George, kneed n cried much. Good actors n actress!

    1. Exactly, they praise a criminal with a history like a king, but for Captain Dorn, protecting his friend’s business from looters, they treat him like he doesn’t matter. Well if black lives matter, why doesn’t he matter? People need to realise all lives matter.

  7. Hey you nice guy criminal armed robbery home invasion what is going on people lost their minds

  8. Any funeral should be about LOVE and healing. Al Sharpton inappropriately hijacked this Sacred time of healing for the Floyd family and the country. He used preach extreme partisan politics and fan the destructive flames of bitter racial divisiveness. EVERYONE grieves for what happened to George Floyd. No matter what their political preference or skin color. PLEASE KEEP DIVISIVENESS OUT OF FUNERALS AND CHURCH.

    1. YouTube Reviewer but he knew that type of restraint could kill, so knowing that.. he obviously didn’t care whether he did it or not.

    2. John Doe when society deals a bad hand, most people can cope and play with the hand they got, and some people will lose. That’s reality, not victim hood.

  9. Why the Hell,police escort the funeral,i dont find the Interest of it,should be private ceremony without police who kill him,a Real Disgrace….

  10. Police need to be held accountable for Floyds death. That said, he’s no hero. High at the time of death, prison for armed robbery (holding a gun to a pregnant women’s belly), multiple cocaine charges. No one deserves what happened to him but the media presents a very different picture of this convict

  11. This is the biggest farce ever on American TV. By the attention given him, one would think Floyd had found a cure for COVID-19.

  12. I thought the carriage ride for such a good man was so beautiful George Floyd deserved the very best funeral God bless him and his family

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