Movie Theaters Reflect On A Lost 2020 As Some Begin Reopening | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Movie Theaters Reflect On A Lost 2020 As Some Begin Reopening | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. I hear you. I’m in the same boat but I’m just trying to do my part by passing along a little positivity which is always free 😎😎.

  1. I’ve worked in several parts of the motion picture business. I’ve worked for the large and small theatre operators. For every “so sad that we had to lay people off” there’s a “fortunately we were able to lay people off faster…”. Close theatres = more money next year (last year is over…)
    The theatre business has been going downhill fo 50+ years, this is just part of the slide.

  2. I am big on social distance, wearing a mask and sanitation but I am ready for life to get back to normal. It will never be normal because we will continue to wear mask, social distance and sanitize some won’t but most will. I am ready to get back into the movie theater.

    1. We will be going back as soon as the first marvel movie drops… but yes, i will make sure im seated with plenty of space in between my kids and i, and other people.
      Also we will be going the same way we used to go…on sunday nights or tuesday nights…like really late..when theaters were mostly empty ..watching a movie on a crowded theater on opening day is a waste of money lol .

  3. Has anyone seen the quality of movies coming out these days? I’m not sure opening theatres will do anything to fix this problem.

    1. That’s because they’ve been holding all the good movies back until the theaters reopen.. i.e the new bond was delayed 12 months, etc..

  4. That guys expecting “extraordinary” experiences in a movie theater??? That hasn’t happened in 3 decades.

    1. Agree, i wonder how people that make 7.25 an hour do it. In some places you have to work 2 hours to afford a movie, just to watch probably a bad movie.

  5. July can’t come soon enough. I want to start watching movies in theaters with Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings.

  6. I’ll be honest…movie theaters are some of the art demographics I’m worried about. Lets talk about the upcoming eviction epidemic.

  7. I miss movies so much! One of my favorite things is to be in a full theater for a “BIG” movie and have that amazing communal experience. I think that experience will have to wait for quite some time… but I’ll be happy to go and sit in an empty theater and see something on the big screen. I’m thinking about doing one of those private rentals… for $99 you can see older blockbusters with up to 20 people… that’s a really good price!

  8. I was alarmed that the Juneau FREDMEYER store in Alaska does not require face mask. Just tell them that you have medical condition…

  9. Throughout this ordeal I’ve learned there’s a ton of stuff I was spending money on I didn’t need. The movie theater is up there with the most money wasted. I get it young ppl or ppl going on a date may wsnt this but I set up an awesome living room for an excellent movie experience. I don’t see myself going to watch a movie in a theatre anymore but the option is good. Ppl…don’t waste money on sht you don’t need

  10. “Zero cases of Covid transmission traced to a theater” is a worthless claim because you can’t isolate the exact place a person gets infected. Theaters cause people congregate in a closed space, many will undoubtedly remove their mask in the dark and that assures that the chance of transmission is never zero.

  11. I remember when drive in theaters were a thing. You stay in the car with your people. Too bad it can’t happen again. 😕

  12. “it’s the place where distractions are not allowed” lol he hasn’t been to a theater lately, I always see someone on their phone or constantly activating the light function on their smartwatch and the blinking light becomes a distraction. Someone thinking my chair is empty and they can kick it all they want, or people that won’t shut up. Because of this, I would only go to a theater for a big movie pre-pandemic, good luck trying to get me in there now when my dad bought a 90-inch tv this past year.

  13. This seems like a waste to do it now!!! I want to go back to the movies – casinos – amusement parks but why do it now?

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