1. None of those charges have anything to do with his “dissenting views”. That’s just a dishonest smokescreen. Typical of these clowns.

    1. It’s the Liberal way.We are heading into dangerous territory.Time to give this clown the boot.He is a laughing stock around the world,The “real world”

    1. @OldSingingStudent DougBill Ferguson it was the party atmosphere.
      That ruined any protest .
      You don’t go to war and pretend dancing on the streets makes sense.

    2. @Dirtea Fairy unless of course it’s BLM taking over multiple city blocks in Seattle, raising an army and boarder walls, including ch ild soldiers, then it’s the “summer of love” right?

    3. @OldSingingStudent DougBill Ferguson what you mean like the strung out vagrant that had no connection to the protest that tried to burn down a building, or perhaps you’re referring to the phantom firearms that the police were worried about! What about the incessant honking, that stopped after the court injunction.

  2. Assaulting a peace officer ? I’ve seen riot police, law enforcement, who knows what kind of police there , not one ” peace officers ” . If you are assault a cop, you are walking free for so long after that ??

  3. I am getting pretty tired of the government deciding what views we are allowed to have. We step closer and closer to authoritarianism everyday under this government.

    1. Totalitarianism you mean right? You already have authoritarianism and it’s all you’ve ever known.

    2. Blocking emergency lines is not a matter of opinion. Supporting the take down of an elected government is not a matter of opinion. You don’t like it. Vote!

  4. “opposing views are now criminal”

    Late to the game bud, guess you conveniently forgot about G20 Toronto since it probably didn’t effect you.

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