1. Economy is not based on one country alone ,but the world economy as a whole. Affordabilty can be achieved through minimalist lifestyles or produce more income through multiple streams.

    1. *Yeah!Earning 10,000 Canadian dollars weekly on stock, nft, crypto and forex, looking for daily income investment is the best idea anyone could ever think of*

  2. Tax the rich and corporations. All of them. That will help with inflation. Targeting one industry, temporarily is more theatre than policy solution.

    1. Tax the rich and corporations. So they’ll leave and take their tax money with them. They’ll take the jobs they create with them. That’ll help. 🙄

    1. Correction: adding regulations and and lowering taxes is the answer. Removing regulations led to unions disappearing and workers rights dissolving, which painted the picture we have today.

  3. Start regulating and taxing corporations more. Pretty easy. You want to get rich of Canadians you’ll have to work for it.

  4. 5th Largest oil producer and we pay over $2 litre. Russia during war time less than $.91 cents a litre. And their cost of living is cheaper. Oh and no mandates like the rest of earth!

  5. The conservatives will always say it’s not the right time for a carbon tax. We need no lessons from them and their ilk

  6. the tax cuts should be permanent. taxing businesses more will force more business out of canada and make it worse. silly tax credits a few times a year will not fix the inflation in canada. another possibility would be to drop all taxes for new food related industries(ieFarms) for the next ten years. farmers should get huge rebates for gas related to their farms. ban all sales of ANY property and homes to noncanadians. any current non canadians owning property will not be able to sell to noncanadians, and they should be taxed 50% more. make housing unaffordable for non canadians.

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