'Mr. Pence lost it': New book details VP's fight with Trump 1

‘Mr. Pence lost it’: New book details VP’s fight with Trump


Contributing columnist to The Washington Post George Conway reacts to a new book detailing a tense exchange between Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

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  1. They’re great at losing it behind closed doors aren’t they. John Kelly. John Bolton. Pence. But berate Trump in public? That’s a little too much.

    1. HMQ Trump needs to be berated in public he does it to everybody else, it’s comupance time.

    2. *New Stanford Study Suggests Biden’s Agenda Will Have 4 Devastating Economic Consequences*

      *The study concludes that Biden’s interventions would, among other things, distort labor incentives, decrease productivity, and kill jobs.*
      Oct 19, 2020 https://fee.org/articles/new-stanford-study-suggests-bidens-agenda-will-have-4-devastating-economic-consequences/

      Sympathetic media outlets have repeatedly asserted that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s tax agenda would only hurt the wealthy. But a new study shows that Biden’s tax and regulatory agenda could seriously hurt the economy overall.

      Four economists from Stanford University’s Hoover Institution analyzed Biden’s proposals to increase taxes, reinstate and expand a host of regulations, and create new subsidies for healthcare and renewable energy. The study concludes that these interventions would distort labor incentives, decrease productivity, and kill jobs.

      As a result, the experts project that the policy agenda would, by 2030, lead to 4.9 million fewer jobs and the economy shrinking by $2.6 trillion. So, too, the study projects that consumption would be $1.5 trillion lower in 2030 and families would see a $6,500 drop in median household income compared to a neutral scenario.

      “The risk from Joe Biden’s policies isn’t that they will send the economy reeling right away,” the Wall Street Journal editorial board concluded in its analysis of the study. “The problem is that they will have a long-term corrosive impact by raising the cost of capital, reducing the incentive to work and invest, and reducing productivity across the economy. Americans will pay the price in a lower standard of living than they otherwise would—and that they deserve.”

      It’s crucial to understand not just what Biden’s government-heavy agenda would do to the economy, but why.

      Tax hikes hurt the economy because they reduce incentives to work and produce.

      “Taxing profits is tantamount to taxing success,” famed free-market economist Ludwig Von Mises once wrote. “Progressive taxation of income and profits means that precisely those parts of the income which people would have saved and invested are taxed away.”

      Biden has promised to raise the corporate tax to 28 percent. Higher corporate taxes means less money available for investment, expansion, and new hiring—“taxing success,” as Mises wisely dubbed it. This means fewer jobs and lower wages for workers, as well as fewer offerings (especially of innovative new products) and lower quality for consumers.

      This is why, while corporate tax hikes might sound like something that would just hurt “Big Business,” in reality, the costs would be passed on to consumers and workers. According to the Tax Foundation, “studies appear to show that labor bears between 50 percent and 100 percent of the burden of the corporate income tax, with 70 percent or higher the most likely outcome.”

      Considering this, it should come as little surprise to see economists projecting negative economic consequences as a result of Biden’s hefty tax hikes.

      As far as heavy-handed regulations are concerned, they create a drag on the economy by imposing additional costs and stifling innovation. The more red tape and hoops companies and entrepreneurs have to jump through and comply with, the less likely they are to discover new ideas and make breakthroughs. So, too, the more regulated an industry, the harder it is for start-ups to take on the big established companies that can better weather the costs of regulation.

      Reducing competition means reduced innovation and more complacency.

      Yet the real takeaway from this Stanford study is not about any one candidate, policy, or party. It’s another reminder that free markets and economic liberty drive prosperity—but heavy-handed government interventions hurt more than they help.

    3. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 Economic advisers rarely get the big calls right. We have enough history now to prove their inability to predict the future. But at least Biden will be taking these decisions in good faith. Trump’s motivation to do things is much more troubling. Is he compromised? Is he taking populist decisions to maintain power? Would he – if he was allowed to – destroy democracy and make himself President for life? Quite possibly in my view.

  2. Who cares? All pence did for four years is stand behind dear leader looking on adoringly like he was staring at a newborn baby. That’s how pence will be remembered!!!

    1. @Chuck Smith spot on! Trump was an enormous threat to the environment and world peace simultaneously! Ya can’t beat that! He has my vote for most precarious “President” ever-

    2. @Don nawzd FAKE ELECTION? Hahahahahahahaha!
      Whose in the White House? Not the orange imbecile.

    1. @Kaden King What is? That every Democrat ended their term with the lowest unemployment than their predecessor? Or Clinton created the most job at 19 million? It’s only not true to Republican.. Cause denial..

    2. @dutchdna Showing a ID to vote is restrictive?

      Democrats are losing voters.to mexicans. Mexican Americans will put Trump back in power and democrats know it…

    3. @Vincent Ramirez We can both admit this is the greatest country ever even the haters won’t leave.

  3. Not only did Pompeo fail to publicly call out the crazies, he perpetuated it by publicly claiming that America would transition to a second term of that POS.

    1. @Thiago Macedo put a camera on every Starlink sat that can detect a laser burst, that can target Boca Routan TX. Musk is launching a competitor’s com sats while his Starlinks are loaded on his rocket in Vandenburg in a stand by posture. Those Standby sats are replenishments once the CO2 lasers are spent killing other sats and intercepting ICBMS in ABSOLUTE WAR. RONNIE Raygun’s outlawed Starwars is now legal becuase ‘W’ ripped up the 1972 Arms treaty with the world in 2001. This is the gateway Bibi and trump are looking to be put back in power with. Romans 10: 9

    2. @Bill Rodriguez White supremacist come from all parts of the venue; however, it is mainly from the far right.

    3. No one in the professional political realm will ever admit to President Trump being the only person to infiltrate the all “boys,” club of professional politicians..That is the real issue and why he is being attacked so hard because now they want to protect it and prevent anyone from ever trying to follow suit..
      Dems or leftists are by far the dumbest people to not see this game and would rather be led by those who are doing nothing but trying dismantle the rights of everyone and take control and power over every facet of your life..

  4. I can’t believe he can say those things when his wife, Kellyann did nothing and lied about everything. She was just as culpable

    1. No one in the professional political realm will ever admit to President Trump being the only person to infiltrate the all “boys,” club of professional politicians..That is the real issue and why he is being attacked so hard because now they want to protect it and prevent anyone from ever trying to follow suit..
      Dems or leftists are by far the dumbest people to not see this game and would rather be led by those who are doing nothing but trying dismantle the rights of everyone and take control and power over every facet of your life..

    2. @Christiane Rosenblatt I am not a Republican by any means, but you are clearly correct here-

    3. @FreakyZed ah, the fear of actually making a good point..Are you afraid to dispute or discuss what I’ve written?

  5. Exactly like his niece Mary predicted; for Trump it’s always “too much and never enough”.

    1. It is shocking that the media, the courts and the Office of the Secretary of State have stopped enforcing the laws that regulate the effect of changing county on voters in elections. And classify the claims as farce. Censorship in the media is strong.

  6. Never give ANY of trump’s partners-in-crime ANY credit…not Barr, Pence, or any other.

    1. @aussie69 You mean china right? Oh wait, Trump created the virus right?

      China is good because they sell cheap stuff right Democrat?

  7. If the US wants to put an end to all of this BS it can be as simple as putting term limits on ALL elected officials to 8 years just like the president.
    Watch the politicians freak out then.

    1. @Shirley Reese Never said this would be easy. What scares me the most is what would happen if it ever gets close enough to become reality.

    2. If we actually do get term limits, a great new breed of politicians would get elected EXCEPT for the MONEY in politics problem. Most ppl that would serve us well, dont have the big bucks$ to get elected. I advise young ppl to start getting involved in citywide politics and then keep moving up, Mayor, state legislator, and so forth. I shoulda, coulda…i regret that i didnt. For me, too late but others healthy and smart, go for it!

    3. @Jennifer Erickson You’re assuming we elect the smartest people. We don’t. We elect those that pander the best.

    4. @Shirley Reese The problem is why work in a job where half the country immediately hates you. The best and brightest don’t work in government. It’s not worth it.

    5. @Shirley Reese To actually have people in public office that put needs of city, state or country first would be hard to believe but easy to get used to.

  8. “Who the f**k do you think you are?” McCarthy January 6 on the call with trump.
    Also McCarthy “We stand with the president “ in public.

  9. Vice Prisoner Pence wasn’t even in charge of his own Conversion Therapy Booster Sessions!

    1. Yeah we are can’t come to grips the reality that we have a President that does not know what day it is.

  10. Kelly Anne has been eerily silent since January 6th.. There was a time when you couldn’t get away from her.

    1. How come pelosi and bowser denied national guard back up on January 6th ??? Come on Brian ?? Why ??

  11. “People were more concerned abut their jobs and even promoted Trump” – including Conway’s wife – One of the biggest promoters of Trump – A crazy indeed.

  12. “The crazies have taken over” Pompeo said, referring to himself while also saying “Trump won the 2020 election” in the same breath.

  13. He realizes he’s married to one of the biggest “crazies”, right? This is painfully awkward.

  14. The impression I got from all that was they didn’t think it was real. No consequences just be quiet it’ll all go away & everything will get back to normal. Virtual reality

  15. Your wife indulged Trump and came up with “alternative facts” when she knew they were lies.

    1. @imam omar next to FOX. They both are garbage biased crap and shouldn’t be allowed to be called news.

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