Mulcair: Canada, historically, has problems with procurement

Mulcair: Canada, historically, has problems with procurement 1


CTV News political commentator Tom Mulcair says historically, Canada has problems with procurement.

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12 Comments on "Mulcair: Canada, historically, has problems with procurement"

  1. When billions & trillions are up for grabs HONESTLY vanishes from the suppliers to politicians!

  2. Teacher Dave's Toronto | December 3, 2020 at 11:45 AM | Reply

    Gee, I thought this one hundred percent phoney had disappeared – oh, of course, every montebank is welcomed into the fifth estate.

  3. Not an NDP fan in the slightest. But how he h3ll did Jagmeet beat out this guy for leadership? Something sure is lacking on the mentality of the Canadian voter.

    • Because he ruined all goodwill he had in about 4 months. Like the end of his run as NDP leader were just terrible… and the election was even worse.

  4. Trudeau is hiding the contracts as he doesn’t want anyone to see them. When information is being hid it’s always for a reason.

  5. They paid too much

  6. Devuldge the ingredients in the vaccines,. to the Public,. So the risk can be assessed.👁️👁️

  7. . . . Trust your gut, if you have any

  8. Claire Sadlowski | December 3, 2020 at 3:09 PM | Reply

    If Mulcair was the Prime Minister, he’d get stuff done

  9. Mulcair should be NDP leader. He would have regenerated that soggy mess.

  10. Why is Trudeau hiding the contract

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