Tories pushing for release of vaccine plan before Christmas 1

Tories pushing for release of vaccine plan before Christmas


Conservatives are pushing the Liberal government to release its distribution plan for a COVID-19 vaccine.

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    1. @John Doe aww look at the new account cause you keep getting banned.

      the new world order is here, and it was brought to you by republicans and conservatives. you already live in it, they just tricked you into thinking that this is a team game, and it is, its just not liberal vs conservative, its the ultra rich versus everyone else.

    1. @Zizzer What truth are you speaking exactly? All I’ve seen you do so far is insult anyone that has a differing opinion to yours. Why don’t you try debating with information instead of insults like how grown ups do it?

    2. @Hugh Arrdum Fantasy is not reality. Propaganda is not truth. You’re a victim.
      Erin the Tool works for the rich. You are just a useful pawn.

    1. @Kurt Barlow the charter or so called rights and existing laws are being broken by public officials, politicians, and police as we speak in the name of covid. Untill all 3 of them are jailed, charged and convinced they will only continue to do whatever they want.

      If you even so much as make a public scene by yelling they have the full right to arrest and charge you for causing a disturbance.

    1. They are turning them into fraudulent tests. The inventor of these ‘tests’ warned before his death a few months before covid started that these should NEVER be used for this type of detecting.

    2. @Tamara Fletcher curious, was it the inventor of nasal swabs, the inventor of the PCR method of genetic amplification, or the one who discovered that the PCR method can be used to test for respiratory viruses (the RT-PCR method)?

  1. Covid cases going up. Flu cases remarkably down 90% as reported by Dr Hinshaw in Alberta. Hmm. Are the Covid tests faulty. I am thinking yes.

    1. Are you telling me that COVID-19 and influenza are transmitted in the same way?! So that measures that prevent one will prevent the other?! No way!

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  3. If the Tories had not killed the pharmaceutical manufacturing in Canada there would not be this issue, but like usual they blame anyone else for their screw ups

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