Mulcair explains why Tory leadership review of O’Toole ‘doesn’t make sense’

CTV News Political Commentator Tom Mulcair explains why he thinks 'it doesn’t make much sense' for the Conservatives to attack Erin O'Toole.

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    1. No matter what will take place with Ms. O’T☺

      Monsieur Mulcair was never a PM and NDP, would never be a PM either,,,

      Otherwise, something is really W_R with Canada♥

  1. They have to dump that stupid Reform governance structure before I’ll have anything to do with the ‘Conservatives’ again.

    1. if long term fiscal planning has been the backbone of the PC party what the heck happened. Mulroney and Harper both put this country back into huge debt, is that part of the corporate blueprint as well…

    1. Well one could argue that continuing to run further right is the reason Conservatives have lost every election since Harper lost.

  2. Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair is calling on the Conservative Party of Canada to repay the full cost of its use of government Challenger jets, following the revelation that the party has saved thousands of dollars by using government planes to travel to partisan events.

  3. On more personal issues, Mulcair confirmed he wants to be known as Tom in English and Thomas in French, and he will be keeping the beard.

    1. @CrashBandits And after one election was promptly booted out and has been upset ablut it and shitting on the NDP ever since. I’m actually shocked he didn’t attack Singh in this clip.

  4. Mulcair doing his best to spin this as a PC win. PC were tied in the polls and they lost 2 seats in the elections. The election was called for Trudeau before the night even ended thats how little of a chance o’toole had

  5. Pierre is the most popular mp in Canada. He would destroy Trudeau and Jagmeet in debates. And he wins in his suburban/city riding.

    1. LOL. Tell me you’re not talking about Weasel Poilièvre? “Popular” is not a word that has ever been used to describe that obnoxious little dweeb.

  6. Tories need to dump all the Harper cronies of the past. New blood is needed. Trudeau is one of the most hated PM’s ever and O’toole still couldn’t beat him

  7. Its funny that these neo-liberals like Mulcair are so blinkered by their exceptionalism. They want everyone to think like them and can not understand when we dont. If only Otool were more Trudeau-like, they would win. It really is amazing.

  8. I know it’s not his fault, but I can’t see a person with the word “tool” in his name being PM. He also has all the charisma of a garden slug.

  9. Well doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is redundant. Given the path they are on maybe they will merge and form the Libervatives Party

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