Murnaghan: Former Deputy PM Nick Clegg

Former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg spoke on Sky News' Murnaghan programme about whether the Liberal Democrats' success in the Richmond Park by-election be the first of many election upsets for the Labour Party.

Clegg was also asked about whether he could form an unusual alliance with former Prime Minister Tony Blair over Brexit.

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  1. I honestly thought the liberal Democrats were dead and gone because of the
    all promises that weren’t followed through in the coalition.

    1. Tom Brown I know it wasn’t their fault but they should have told people
      that they would have to compromise on most things they’ve promised and
      honestly I feel for them.

    2. zakeriya abdi easy to say in heinsight sadly. Easy to forget it was a walk
      into the unknown but clearly the coalition did well in comparison to this
      ever baffling Tory majority

  2. Well done to the Lib Dems for actually winning for a change. However, as
    long as I’ve got more fingers and thumbs than they have MPs I can’t take
    them as a serious party in national politics.

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