Murnaghan: Labour MP Angela Eagle

UKIP's new leader Paul Nuttall says he can win Labour voters over to his Party. Labour MP Angela Eagle spoke on Sky News' Murnaghan programme, explaining no MP should take their seat for granted.

Eagle was also asked whether her view had changed about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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  1. “We signed up to free movement of those that already got jobs”.

    A blatant lie.

    The EU prohibits by law member states preventing the immigration and
    settling of EU nationals and their families regardless of whether they have
    a job.

    The relevant EU directive states: “Under no circumstances may an expulsion
    decision be taken on economic grounds”.

    So Angela Eagle, previous candidate for Labour Party Leader and Oxford
    graduate either doesn’t know her brief, or she is barefaced lying.

  2. Labour Logic: Build 1 million houses to tackle the housing crisis caused by
    a huge population creating competitiveness leading to homes costing
    ridiculous prices that families can’t even afford. But they are also
    pro-immigration which causes the housing crisis. Labour have become a joke.

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