Murnaghan | Momentum’s James Schneider denies Labour ‘hit list’

Murnaghan | Momentum's James Schneider denies Labour 'hit list' 1


Momentum national organiser James Schneider told Sky News the group had no intention of deselecting MPs.

"This is a Labour movement that is trying to make the Labour Party more participatory, more democratic and more campaigning. It's a group of people who are inspired by Jeremy Corbyn."

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4 Comments on "Murnaghan | Momentum’s James Schneider denies Labour ‘hit list’"

  1. Labour is finished in the North. Not a chance they will come to power any
    time soon.

  2. Jesus:God will intervene and woe to those who spit in the Face of their Creator | September 18, 2016 at 5:08 PM | Reply

    There are billions of people who have no knowledge of the Holy Trinity
    because it was hidden from them. These are the souls who will be granted
    great Mercy by Me and they need to be made
    aware of these, My Messages to the world.
    Your Jesus


  3. How dare the bbc use tax payers money to smear the labour party. Or, any
    party for that matter.

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