1. They will do what they’ve done on almost every single piece of legislation.

    Pretend to negotiate in good faith and then vote no on some obscure provision when in reality they were never going to vote yes on anything

  2. 10 out of 50? In the wake of the murders of 19 4th grade children, some the point that they could not be ID’d by visual recognition (with a recent photo).

    1. @Lesco Brandon prove it and are you denouncing all white racism and white supremacy movements?

    1. I would accept 21 as the age of adulthood, not just gun ownership. Including everyone under 21 is permanently banned from being a tried as an adult. That is the only comprise that can be made. Anything more will unleash unrest

    2. @Tony Carabellese All nations in the developed world have some kind of gun regulations. It’s ridiculous to argue for no gun laws or regulations at all in support of the 2nd Amendment. The founding fathers surely did not imagine shooting children with wild abandon with high-powered weapons.

    1. Hai anna iam Nagendar Anna na age 18 Hotgirlss.Cam qualification m.l.t medical lab techniciane ,Srpt lo jobs unte cheppagalaru anna.with govt Jobs

  3. He’s not answering straight questions with straight answers. I hate mealy mouthed politicians.

  4. The founding fathers wanted militias to protect the country instead of a standing army.

    Please explain how individuals who only look out for themselves who are without uniform and untrained for war is what the forefathers intended when writing the second amendment.

    1. No the forefathers didn’t want an entity that a corrupt leader could use to oppress the people.


  6. I’ll believe it when I see it. And now that Murphy’s gone public with his math on the subject I’m sure the GOP and gun lobby will figure out where the potential votes may come from. And then there will be enormous pressure (and threats) directed towards those potential GOP “yes” votes.

    1. The biggest issue with the bill is the ten round limit. This will prevent the senate from passing the bill everything else is great – ghost guns, raising the age limit, other stuff… but the ten round limit is unrealistic. So many handgun owners will become felons cause of a 13, 14, 15 round mag.

  7. 21 for selective service registration or military enlistment then..
    You don’t get our 18-20 year Olds to fight your wars..

  8. ” McConnell means what he says” says the president. Now I know he has lost his marbles.

  9. It’s all about, “Look, we did something!” Not necessarily something that will pass (which it won’t, for many reasons). Much Good in many parts, but too sloppily crafted in too many others, especially in the “magazine capacity” portion. Dead in the Senate, I have zero doubts about it.

  10. It’s time to amend the Lobbying Disclosure Act to prevent legislators from being swayed financially by lobbyists. WE elect the Legislative branch, so they should work for US. That way we can have senators who have some common sense and are not being legally “bribed.”

    1. what we need is politicians who uphold the constitution like the swore to. we also need people who don’t like the constitution to exit the country.

  11. From the list of things “off the table”, it looks like the most effective ways, to protect people from being murdered, will not even be considered. I guess any restrictions are better than none, but why refuse to consider the best ideas.

  12. “Do something!” foisted off on the American people as having ‘done something’. Exactly what we will see “crafted” out of the House and the Senate….something. Mostly a ‘something’ as meaningless as possible, yet foisted off on the American people as ‘something’…the best ‘we’ could do. That will not fly!

  13. I’m sorry but I can not comprehend how anyone can & continue to make guns & NRA money a PRIORITY over loss of life ….
    How can anyone witnessing the grief that now grips your Country NOT WANT to do all they can to prevent more mass murders I’m sorry but there’s just no justification ….
    Zoe , Canada

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