1. One is PROUD when he acts for a GREATER purposse , when he resists the devil s seithens sathyres , when he resists his passions instincts , when he sacrifices a portion of himself in order to support or foster something bigger , something transcendenthall …. metaphysicall , that comes after , beyond , physic s laws of natyure ….

  1. I get the expensive equipment and all, but WHAT was this guy thinking running in between the couple and snatching the ring box ? He could have stood nearby and then said something. Damn, he was still down on his knee🤬

    1. @We Are Going Somewhere I was speaking about the Disneyworld in Florida. He thankfully has no power at any other Disney locations around the world.
      Other than his attack on Mickey Mouse.
      If he ever watched a video of a gay couple getting engaged at Disneyworld in Florida- his brain would absolutely explode-
      He would shut down Disneyworld ( in Florida )

    2. I was Thinking That the way , in life , through life , that i can sometimes afford , i think , is improvisation ….

    1. I love Nancy Pellosi from California & Daiann Feinstein from the US Senate s 100 members Congressmen … ( D – CA ) ….

  2. He enjoyed ruining their moment. Why people line up to throw money at Disney is beyond me. So many better adventures can be had without being price gouged into oblivion or in this case humiliated. To each their own, but don’t be surprised when you get ripped off and patronized by a POS like that employee.

    1. I agree to a certain extent. Where else can you go on rides and visit shops and restaurants that are all themed after beloved movies and worlds.

    1. I am To be hated by alll the Cosmos , because , i am Milloshevitch , the Fainall Frontteer ( the ultimeit ) i am Milloshevitch , To stand all kinds of insurrections world Wide , i am !!!

  3. Disney charges a lot of money for their “proposal package” for visitors to use Disney property for proposals. They strongly discourage people from simply proposing unless they have paid for the package. If it weren’t for the public outcry, it is doubtful Disney would have offered to make amends.

    1. I don’t get the proposal package thing, because like a proposal is supposed to be a huge surprise moment for people but if you see a bill on your card for a hefty amount of money from some buying a Walt Disney Proposal package it would kinda ruin the surprise

    2. @heroclix0rz Profit isn’t the issue… pretending you’re special and the rules do not apply is the issue. But sure deflect.

    3. @Eerie Games if you’re getting proposed to you shouldn’t yet be seeing their bills really. I guess some people are already knee deep. But that’s kinda putting the cart before the horse.

    1. @Billy Lewis Yes, every company cares about liability. But that said, Disney _does_ care if you propose, or at least if you want to get married there because that’s specifically a service they offer (for a LOT of money), so they don’t like people doing it for free, that’s why people have had to resort to guerilla-weddings. 😒 Either way, it’s all about money for them.

    2. @Billy Lewis is wrong… Scaffolding is considered a temporary structure for construction. They are clearly on a permanent stage, so kinda different.

  4. The biggest try hard at Disney Paris “someone’s breaking park rules again? ugh not on my watch”
    :scurries over in less than 5 seconds from half way around the park:

    1. Don’t you just hate these sad, little people who act like their jobs are personal, like the store/company/etc. belongs to their own family and take it so seriously instead of giving zero f’s about it like a normal employee? 🙄

  5. I am just impressed that big guy did not put down the mouse running up and snatching the engagement ring out of his hand.

    1. I would have… well yeah, The Tubes are a bit soft for what I wanna say. But I agree 👍

    2. Impressed with what a chump he is. Any woman that marries that waste of skin is in for a crap marriage.

  6. What a jerk.
    I worked at Universal Studios Hollywood for 3 years, we always tried to make proposals very special. I myself helped out with at least 8 proposals. We would NEVER have done this.

    1. Curse Towards Witches & Witchcrafts of Evil , Gulory To our habits , customs , for decades now , gulory To all those hard workinn people of the World Earth .

  7. Despite the company rules the mouse of a clown could have waited after the proposal to address the complaint. He should be fired.

  8. I understand there’s alot of expensive equipment but they weren’t hurting nobody and the guy was already proposing…you can’t just do it again.

    1. The Capitalist s guys Think money can buy every thing includinn other people , well , i dissagree with that assumption , money is a TOOL in life , NOT a purpose in itself , and , in the end , it s UP to You , … we all have FREE choice , thus Help me God .

    2. @Donna Smith it’s so weird how that tiktoker mentioned the price of the equipment like who asked???

  9. I’ve met employers like this at the airport during the pandemic, the ones that take their jobs way too seriously. They literally ruin your mood before you even board the plane

  10. Proposal or not, one cannot just grab someone’s belongings. Serious other issues. This dude needs to be fired. Disney needs to make this right. And train your employees.

    1. WhatEver it is , WE MUST focus on what info is being guiven To us , therefore , it is a PROPOSAL , NOT from you or a Third person , or from me , no , it is about & between those TWO persons … Good Luck To all of them , allellouia , praise The LOrd , Jessus from Nazareth , inri .

    2. @Chocolate Milk actually I have great ease adding people into my life and manage to keep all of them. I’m a social butterfly. I just understand that there’s misunderstandings and that they shouldn’t permanently alter peoples life’s even if they were mistakes.

  11. As a Disney cast member (employee) my self I think the cast member was rude, Disney teaches us better, creating magical moments for the guests is our number one priority as employees. I have seen lots of cast members and even managers get fired for been rude to guests.

    1. Before Cheapak took the reigns, maybe. Now they Only care about the 💰 and Not the Guest Experiences.

    2. @Heather Shaw that’s not exactly how it is. I don’t care for chapek but I don’t think cast members have all magically just become this man.

    3. I’ve seen a lot of being rude to guests. I’ve never seen anyone get fired for it. I’ve seen someone get fired for pooping their pants though.

  12. Good to hear Disney can find it in themselves to apologise. There’s a former Disney employee who was accused by his ex-wife of domestic violence but her claims were recently exposed as lies. I forget his name – Captain something-something. He should get an apology too!

    1. @svetozar milosevic I totally agree! That is why I say – it is all about money. Courage to admit that they are wrong is something that most corporations won’t do – they have to save face – because it comes down to money. It’s all about money. It’s unfortunate but true. Going back to my original statement – it’s still sincerely funny.

    2. @Eerie Games HA! And I thought you were right!?! Who is this mysterious survivor!?!! I hope we can figure this mystery out together!!! LMFAO

  13. Even if he had some sort of reason, there was no excuse for _snatching_ their property. They didn’t even know he was an employee, he could have simply been a thief stealing their diamond ring and could easily have been stomped by that big guy. 🤦 Nope, even if he had some sort of purpose, he could just have talked to them instead of taking the ring, that’s just mental. 😒

    1. The Reason is SHAME , no one , no one normal would allow SHAME , never , in the name of Justice !!!

  14. I work at LegoLand Park California Resort and I’ve been told that we’ve had over 12,000 proposals that happen in the lobby because they could not afford better and to see that an employee is not following standard rules in his own park is troubling and I honestly feel sorry for this guy he probably needs to be retrained,fired,or at best told that he will be laid off next time something this huge happenes because that sort of thing can really hurt your work environment and it can cause serious bullying,and resort to others teasing or at best trying to hurt,or kill you

  15. Hope that employee is proud of himself. He ruined a beautiful moment between two people. I get that the stage is expensive, and he didn’t want anything to happen, but he didn’t need to run and snatch the ring out from his hand! He could’ve just let them finish the proposal, and then ask them to come off the stage.

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