1. It’s not the most important news of the day, but discovering that one of the supposed “neutrals and undecided” voters is manifestly a plant is relevant, if hardly earth-shattering, news. Just more evidence of Trump’s unwillingness and inability to cope with anything less than complete adulation even from supposed neutrals.

    2. It is an illustration of how Trump corrupts. A woman who ran for Congress. She obviously was calling attention to the favor she did for him in the hope that he backs her in the future.

    1. @L P I don’t tend to believe him after 47 years of policy and politics that says otherwise, hanging out with known KKK members, and 70 something years of life. This is the man’s third run for President, his first two runs failed because he got called out by the media for some major lies, he says something racist just about every other week. And you have to start asking yourself why it is that after 3 runs and 20 years why this man so desperately wants to be President. Everything he has done has been to financial benefit of his family. There’s too much fishy stuff going on with him and his family in the Ukraine and China. No thanks, I will pass. My parents remember his last run for President, and they remember him as the racist KKK supporter from early on his political career. You should look around YT and watch some of the videos of him from back in the day. “I don’t want my kids growing up in a racial jungle.” My grandmother was a racist, and despite anyone’s intervention, she remained that way to the day of her death. She only masked that racism when she wanted something from someone else, if she wanted an Hispanic inlaw to help her around the house she was nice, but what she said about him behind his back… I don’t see Joe being all that different. He took the VP position to his personal benefit, WTH knows why Obama picked him. But remember what he said about Obama while he was his VP ““You got the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” If the man spent 8 years hanging out with the first black president and he is just now apologizing for his racism, and yet is still saying racist stuff I call BS.

    2. THANK YOU! there’s NOTHING more annoying than watching people STILL TRYING TO “explain” why TRUMP is the DISASTER that he is!

    3. Lol its established guys, Stephen Jackson is an idiot who blindly believes every lie CNN tells, if you actually watched the town hall, it was introduced by NBC as being a collection of Trump supporters, Biden supporters, as well as undecided. They were even presented as such when asking their questions. CNN is full of hack, lying reporters. This is just a false counter story because it was revealed that the ABC town hall had Obama staffers asking the questions, haha. Lol, you couldn’t even bother to watch the town hall yourself…. lmao what a jackass.

    1. @Barry Beunhaas BLM and antifa are not Republicans, clearly destroying cities, and socialism might as well be communism. Biden is just a puppet reading from a teleprompter

    2. @330Kid still no source huh..i asked you a source but you jumped to antifa and BLM bs…. xD
      because you cant prove shite.

    3. @Jacque Kline
      Keep watching fake news and you’re going to be butt hurt in November. I watch cnn for the comedy. I’m laughing at all you snowflakes

    1. @Joseph Lovett _Mama told you to stop eating out of the kitty litter box or the delusions won’t stop. Besides, you’re scaring the cat & you’ll spoil your dinner. Now put your pants on, put the lampshade back on your head, come in the house & get back in your cage like a good girl. We checked; Joe & Kamala aren’t hiding under your bed awaiting the veil of darkness to feast on your rancid flesh. They’re in the closet. G’nite._

    2. *_Trump is highly skilled at the art of the con.  “Con” is short for confidence, and it is based on gaining confidence or trust from the potential victim.  The skilled con is an expert at “baiting” the rube . . . telling the target what he wants to hear as the “bait”, inspiring trust or confidence.  Trump is truly a dedicated master baiter, spending a great deal of time each day master baiting his base._*

  1. Next mystery: How did the pro Trump woman end up seated *exactly* behind Trump’s camera view so when she nods we all see it ?

    1. Fast Cars, then why do Republicans today get so mad when we want to take down our own Democrat slave-state participation trophies?

    1. @Max Rusty it’s very strange to me that you are commenting on a CNN video. Why would you even watch a video from CNN when you stated, they are brainwashing people? You do know Trump helped to keep the establishment going right? Trump was one of Bill Clinton largest contributors and one of his biggest supporters. Trump also donated money to, Andrew Cuomo and Kamala Harris campaigns. When you say Trump has not said one racist thing, I’m from NYC and I’ve seen first hand, how he’s purchased buildings and put minorities out. Like I said I do not care if he is a racist or not and I’m not sure why, you are so hung up on that and the only person mentioning it. Can you tell me honestly, does it matter which political party makes your life better? Or are you going to continue with this hatred towards people because they have different beliefs and opinions from yours?

  2. Trump couldn’t give a toss about her, he was not interested at all, couldn’t wait to move away from her shrieking voice..lol

    1. @Reezus Solis
      Qanon believe what they want to believe. Total fallacy. So sad their lives are unfulfilled. I mean no disrespect, but something is definitely missing to believe such ideologies.

    2. @santa fe, bantayan island life Just so you know, I’ve removed and reported your foreign troll comments for hate speech and graphic violence. Your IP has been reported to the appropriate Authorities. Get lost!!!

    3. Until she became a tool for his re-election, you are probably right, as in his transactional world, she had nothing to offer until her nod got viral.

  3. He didn’t even listen to her, hilarious.
    “He endorsed me!”
    “He’ll adore you.”
    “No Mr President, he endorsed me!”
    “He will adore you.”

    Can’t believe she posted that! Made her look shrill and insane and him look like an oblivious, sexist dullard. Not that that is difficult.

    1. @HMQ Reprised – A. I have no opinion on eternal life as it doesn’t exist; you might just as easily ask me why I’d want to fly in interstellar space. B. But if it did exist, the secret would be keeping up one’s curiosity and wonder; keep that part of you filled to the brim and life never becomes dull or boring.

    2. @thething onthedoorstep I’m sorry are you calling President Trump an admitted molester and accused rapist or are you referring to Sosa?

    3. @TaichiStraightlife That might be ok for the first 100,000 years. Or so. But we’re talking a lot longer than that. Really. Way longer. And then way longer still. I’m not sure these people have considered the enormity of what they’re taking on.

    4. Michael williamson Are you just playing dumb? There were only two people in that conversation, so what “he” would have selective hearing? Trump is on tape admitting to grabbing women and a woman said he raped her when she was thirteen on Epstein’s island while she was tied to a bed. I can’t believe Trump supporters don’t know their hero better and expect everyone else to do the research.

    1. @Kilgore Trout Another uneducated anti-science Trumpie. Good luck solving the COVID crisis without public health PhDs, unmasked loser spreader.

    2. @james harm koo koo!!
      That silly platitude might superficially sound like wisdom, to an illiterate bronze age goat herder. (Arf!!}-
      Now, read it to yourself and logically think about what it actually says.

      It’s just nonsensical jibber jabber, worded to look like wisdom.
      It’s two dimensional.
      All paint job.
      No motor.

      Superstition fails.

      Whiskey helps.

    1. @Ingrid Arlington So I’m sure you will be happy to make public your disgust at Donald Trump’s repeated admissions that he wants to sleep with his daughter Ivanka, his lecherous remarks to his own niece, his lusting after his consiglieri’s under-age daughter and those horrific photos of him fondling under-age Ivanka with his hands slipped under her clothes. And who knows what he got up to with his friend the noted paedophile and pimp Epstein… I’m sure your outrage will be as heartfelt as it is vociferous…

    2. @NoneOfYour Beeswax You have a dirty mind. Regardless, I still refuse to believe you’re a good representation of Democrats.

    1. Exactly!!! Because she hates to admit it, but she knows trump doesn’t like people who look and sound like her…

    2. Yeah those eyes in the back of his head that she noticed. It just proves reptilians are real. The earth also is flat and the moon is made out of cheese

    3. @John Atlas Crump jr you really need to watch something other than msnbc, or cnn, ar ABC, or nbc, or cbs….oh…sorry…only one or two stations that aren’t spewing propaganda 24/7. No wonder you have no idea what you’re talking about. What I don’t understand though is how you don’t realize you are being so manipulated. They get caught in every stupid lie they come up with. They have been proven wrong on EVERY SINGLE point for three and a half years. I would think at some point people would realize they are lying to you.

    1. Trump pay? He’s stealing from the U.S. treasury to pay for his campaign after “losing” $800 million mysteriously.

  4. It’s a background phycological effect. Very effective and cleverly done to reinforce undecided opinions of the person watching.

    1. might be effective if it was believable. She was nodding so much and the way over the top multiple thumbs up – I’ve seen more believable acting in a damn porno movie. And she just happened to be a woman of color, how convenient. Well, Donny has said on several occasions how “the blacks” love him. Now I don’t know if she’s black, or just a dark Latina. But those 2 are the same in the eyes of Trump and his voters.

  5. “I’m from (the) Dominican Republic, but I’m American…”
    Says that with a very distinguishable accent and a mispronunciation of the word American, yet clearly wants to oppress others from the same place. Go to a trump supporter and say exactly that the way you just told him and see how warmly they receive you.

  6. Why does this surprise everyone, it was unveiled before that Trump stacks the crowd behind him when they ejected plaid shirt guy for making faces behind Trump.

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