N.S. tightens COVID-19 restrictions as cases hit a new high on Friday

Nova Scotia Premier Iain Rankin is tightening COVID-19 restrictions along its border and is limiting shopping to essentials only after the province reports a record 227 new COVID-19 cases on Friday.

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  1. NOw your telling business not sell there own stuff , might as well tell them go broke while you are , since you dont pay none of there bills lol

  2. So now they’re extending the lockdown. Who else saw this coming? The government loves having this kind of power.

    1. Another 14 days to flatten the curve, then followed by another 365 days of more restrictions.

    2. @fernand robichaud you mean our rights and freedoms are gradually been taken away! It’s not gonna end until we end it!

    3. Yes the government wants to control you more so you spend less money and not return back to being a mindless consumer like you were before the pandemic happened. Great logic idiots!

  3. They’ve never been honest about the 23 deaths April 2020, so why would they start being honest now?

    1. that total deaths are 23 in over a years time? I got 70 when I looked it up but gads that is over a year’s time

    2. @Karen Dworkin I believe stats Canada 🇨🇦 has it at 69 for 2020. Were you aware in 2018 there were 68 flu deaths in NS

    1. @Canadian Patriot Toronto

      That and the fact we are coming out of viral (flu/cold) season as well

    2. PCR is NOT A TEST! It’s a process that can be multiplied as many times as one wants to do it, to get the results desired!

    1. It’s void of compassion. NS leaves them stranded rather than finding a quarantine solution.

    1. Congratulation on being one of the few Canadians with a spine who value their values and beliefs more than money and a paycheck. Welcome to the fight

    2. Find yourself a lawyer. I work at law office and we advocate for people’s human rights which are being stampeding on by these political psychopaths.

    3. @Devon I don’t have much money I am just trying to find something else. 30 years of working I never imagined the workplace would ever get this bad. the wearing a mask all day in a industrial setting is very unpleasant and exhausting but now terminating employment because you wont call 811 to book a test. I am not sick! I am not a disease. I am a human being.

    1. @W L I’m not asking you to believe me I’m asking you for evidence. I am assuming you don’t have any that’s why you are all trying to insult me. Like I said if you can show me real Evidence not from Facebook that Death certificates in Nova Scotia are being forged I would change my mind. Edit to add Not anecdotal evidence. I am not interested in a story your friend at work told you. If it is going to court I want to see the legal court documents filed in court. Those are public record.

    2. @S Drisd “extraordinary claims”? My guy, it’s been proven many times that they have indeed been putting Covid for deaths when it wasn’t the actual cause. Do you live under a rock, or do you just believe everything the “news” tells you?

      Wake up brother, you’re delusional.


    3. @W L Yeah that’s not how this works. You’re the one who said death certificates were being forged therefore you’re the 1 who needs to show the evidence. You make the claim you find the evidence.That’s how a debate works. I know the reason your deflecting is because you have no evidence. But again like I said if you have evidence the death certificates are being forged in Nova Scotia I will change my mind.

    1. NS did follow the rules with amazing results. You can thank the visitors from Ontario who didn’t follow the rules and who brought in the variant to NS. Crazy how this works. Just ask Quebec City and the effects of one gym that didn’t follow the rules. It took a lockdown for one month with curfew to get things back to some semblance of stability. NS lockdown guidance will work and things can open up again in 2-3 weeks.

    2. @N S too late now for lockdowns.

      COVID-19 pandemic-related lockdown: response time is more important than its strictness

      “We found high correlation between the response time of a country and its mortality rate. This finding suggests that countries that took early measures to limit population mixing had better control on the viral-related mortality. In contrast, neither the lockdown duration nor the lockdown strictness were significantly associated with mortality rates.”

  4. the supply chain is collapsing, this is a cover. soon the military will be called in, mark my words

    1. @S Drisd it’s scheduled for Q2 & Q3 2021. It is unfolding as we speak. machine gun toting jarheads in the streets by july-sep

    1. We haven’t truly been living for a while now…
      There’s literally no purpose to life anymore.

  5. This make zero sense, if it’s a virus, then why is the government, military, police force,.construction workers, transit workers,.productions plants, transportation and logistics still in full force along with the lumber harvesting and milling industry 🤔
    I’m in Alberta.

  6. Remember how Canadians looked down their noses at USA when their numbers were high, now look whose house is on fire, meanwhile lower cases and more re-opening down south.

  7. I’m moving to Florida where they have a real leader. Not a messenger boy reading whatever WHO puts in front of him.

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