NAACP President On Suing Trump Over Capitol Riot: 'We Must Hold People Accountable' | The ReidOut 1

NAACP President On Suing Trump Over Capitol Riot: ‘We Must Hold People Accountable’ | The ReidOut


NAACP President Derrick Johnson joins The ReidOut to talk about his organization’s lawsuit against Trump for conspiring with right wing organizations to incite the Capitol riot: “If we don't cut off the serpent's head, we are guaranteed that the snake will bite." Aired on 02/16/2021.
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NAACP President On Suing Trump Over Capitol Riot: 'We Must Hold People Accountable' | The ReidOut


    1. Two terms is usually a good number. Though for Congress Representatives, given their short tenure, maybe 3 terms would be okay.

    2. I just saw how long some if these fools been in M office and one was in office for like 53 years that’s way too much. We need to make all politicians retire at age 65 or 70. If they hit the age limit whileninnoffice they will be allowed to finish their term but after that they will be barred from serving.

  1. great idea. So how about residents from these burned out cities file suits against any and all politicians and celebrities who incited riots in our hometowns.

  2. Y’all media obviously can’t tell everybody has open eyes now and some always had them look at all videos all dislikes greater and it ain’t just trump supporters lol

  3. These people don’t have a life. I’m going to sue Seattle for lost wages cause I couldn’t watch any thing on tv except what was going on in Seattle they destroyed everything and there goes my tax dollars down the drain I won’t ever recover from this

  4. Trump’s no longer in the white house, yet this is all these people can talk about. They seem obsessed with him!

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