NACI chair on vaccine advice, which seems to contradict what’s coming from Health Canada

Dr. Caroline Quach discusses NACI's advice for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which seems to contradict what's coming from Health Canada.

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    1. The Dr speaking this truth,, now will be reprimanded, taken out back and taught a lesson by the federal liberal government . We may never see her again?

  1. And if you’re working from home but you have a child in daycare / school and are exposed through them does your advice still apply????

    1. Because she is an irresponsible and illogical ‘expert’. Frankly, I am surprised, pleasantly, that the anchor has the sense to call her out on her nonsense. Now the right thing to do is never have her on-air again.

    2. Because the reporter has an appointment now and is a volunteer to the AStra z…

    3. What is illogical about what she is saying? Why do you feel the need to put “expert” in quotation marks? I’m sure she has formal education on the subject so yes, expert. Would you call Tam an “expert”?

  2. It’s really not that difficult to understand the slightly varying advice and to decide how it applies to you. There are MUCH bigger contradictions in the various lockdown rules.

  3. I bet if we closed national borders when ppl were saying it was racist that we’d be eating in restaurants w/o masks rn.

  4. Don’t give this woman a platform again. She doesn’t understand risk assessment and shouldn’t be allowed to transmit her false information.

  5. As if laypeople are in any way able to assess the risk ..what nonsense. She needs to never talk publicly again.

  6. I take my hat off to anyone willing to risk their health to take AZ in the name of public health.
    Now get out there and take one for the team.

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