1. Daily Reminder: On January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of Congress.

    1. Just to summarize once again Republicans stand for a small majority to the real core values of the core base. Democrats are two face foot soldiers ranting at times, battling true at home issues. Are all Democrats doing so no! Just the same as Republicans majority control all the good majority to a corrupt stale mate. Face it both parties are washed out majority, seedy old over stay their welcome! If we as Americans listened to the mistakes of our past we wouldn’t be so ignorant today. Love what we are face the reality and embrace the future. Our children’s future matters most, next time you vote for any party remember if they vote to keep our heads/feet or both in the sand or if they are fighting to undo the constraints. No I don’t enjoy voting for a democratic president but if trump wasn’t so clearly “smart” he’d have shown Americans not to divide! It’s our corrupt politicians and those who shouldn’t be spot lighting for a little tv air time. Many may not care, but many will when the bills of our intolerance come due. I pray for sane minded and those losing it, we are all humans of this earth let’s work together. After all if your not in power your among them many who are struggling to survive. Bless all and let’s vote the old wrong away and good new in! Bless the USA 🇺🇸

    2. No. He called for peaceful protest. Pelosi made sure there weren’t enough security. That’s how you got your talking point.

    3. @Philip Mills you think Biden is going to bring people together? Better yet, you think Obama did?

    4. To be clear for the main drama people keep stating, Trump got away with ramping up angry people’s moods. Let’s the the FBI and CIA and all government law divisions do their jobs. Pelosi didn’t do her part nor did Republicans like weak Mitch McConnell. As Americans the more we dramatize this horrible January 6th event the more we taint ourselves fighting over what? It’s evident what was show in videos, enough already and peace to all! Justice and laws will bring down those guilty. I can bet you Trump didn’t once not enjoy that rioting he was clearly pushing the moods to reach. Like a wealthy powerful man, entitled and untouchable he watched unlike us, probably got a kick out of it. He’s not the type to worry if you getting beat down or hurt, he’d likely make bet on it or gamble with another over someone’s life. Stop spreading media information not fully researched. Bless All and all a good night.

    5. @Jeff Burns Well Trump sure didn’t bring people together because he made things worse!

    1. I remember when he told Congress he didn’t know who paid for the dossier. Was inept or was lying.

  2. .. yo soy el águila azteca 🦅🌎🦅
    Me gustaría que mis palabras se convirtieran en bombas nucleares para caer sobre las cabezas de quienes tanto nos han jodido 💣🐁💣🐁💣🐀 💣🐀 💣

  3. Maybe US need another bag of washing powder or something else to show to the world to prove the existence of the threat, I guess🤷🏻‍♂️.

  4. The collapse of the British empire, the creation of apartheid South Africa, and the rise of Adolf Hitler are the result of a global pandemic.

    1. You defe don’t know shi from outside of cnn and msnbc. I actually know about the CIA history and Mr Brennan and he’s a compulsive liar

  5. As an Australian, our deranged totalitarian PM who is doing everything he can to force us to be a Pentecostal autocracy attending an anti autocracy summit is so mind blowingly ironic that you can’t help but laugh.

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