1. So why don’t democrats and republicans get together and make it illegal to raise prices? Instead of fighting over not doing a thing on both sides? Work for the people please….

  2. People say a lot of bad things about each other this is a part of life you can’t please everybody

  3. We have domestic violence as well here ….in southern Colorado! And …I read during the pandemic ….it’s worse. Hot doggie. It’s just heartbreaking. This lady is so stressed right now. Yup.

  4. I experienced this crappy situation… when I first got my internet connection at home and the online comments were vicious! I finally turned off the online notifications. Sometimes you have to protect your messages online. I was pretty inexperienced online. It’s not normally easy to use online connections out in the Bush! I was using the new library’s internet connection for two years. My son got me the internet connection on my phone! We enjoy this together and are 200 miles apart from each other. Yup!

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