Nancy Pelosi Checks President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is ending the year as she began it—in a face-off with Donald Trump. And she’s not afraid to stand up to the president. Aired on 12/20/19.
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Nancy Pelosi Checks President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. They have lost ,not sending it means it did not happen , Say he does lose lol then he completes his term and gets reelected then he can run for a 3rd term having not completed the first. Did you even take Civics in school . Civics are not Cars made by Honda. Democrats have lost the White House ,Senate, SCOTUS, most all fed, judges and 180 more next yr. also the 9th court of appeals , 39 0f 50 Governors ,unions ,minorities, . Now Nancy thinks that a 100% democrat partisan in the only thing Democrats have really left is a fractured majority in the house. Not even all the democrats vote yes on this with one leaving the party . To top it off Republican Senate that has SOLE POWER over this given to them by the Constitution. You clearly do not know how the Government run.

    1. @David Guelette Exactly why are the Dems hating Trump so much. They are just so salty and sour a bad image for them.

  1. Every morning I wake up and wish it was election day next year. Can’t wait until that circus is over and the nation, the whole world can move on.

    1. @David Guelette with TRUMP in office, this country is in healing. A president actually doing as he promised, it’s making the Democrats uncomfortable cause they can’t live their crooked corrupt lives.

    2. @James Dunn Just like Hillary will win in a landslide and Mueller will take Trump down right? If I was you I wouldn’t hold my breath on Trump being gone.

    1. take a long good look at that picture….. that tyrant dictator dig bat, is the reason democrats are flocking to the republican side…

    1. @My Goddess Shasta
      Roast beef, Avocado ,BeBe Spinach , Smoky Provolone & Spicy Brown Mustard with pepperoncinis, stuffed Garlic Kalmata olives & A whole Sour Dill on the Side …Plus Root beer 🎅🤠
      (Goebbels view on Propaganda); We do not want to be a movement of a few straw brains, but rather a movement that can conquer the broad masses. Propaganda should be popular, not intellectually pleasing. It is not the task of propaganda to discover intellectual truths. Those are found in other circumstances, I find them when thinking at my desk, but not in the meeting hall.

      At the halfway mark of President Donald Trump’s first term, his administration has hired a lobbyist for every 14 political appointments made, welcoming a total of 281 lobbyists on board, a ProPublica and Columbia Journalism Investigations analysis shows.

      With a combination of weakened rules and loose enforcement easing the transition to government and back to K Street, Trump’s swamp is anything but drained. The number of lobbyists who have served in government jobs is four times more than the Obama administration had six years into office. And former lobbyists serving Trump are often involved in regulating the industries they worked for.

      Trump TownTracking White House staffers, Cabinet members and political appointees across the government

      Even government watchdogs who’ve long monitored the revolving door say that its current scale is a major shift from previous administrations. It’s a “staggering figure,” according to Virginia Canter, ethics chief counsel for the D.C.-based legal nonprofit Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. “It suggests that lobbyists see themselves as more effective in furthering their clients’ special interests from inside the government rather than from outside.”

      We tracked the lobbyists as part of an update to Trump Town, our database of political appointees. We’ve added the names of 639 new staffers with the administration and the financial disclosures of 351 political appointees who have filled different positions over the past year, and we tracked the careers of 338 who departed government during the same period.

      The full extent of the lobbying industry’s influence is hard to measure because federal agencies decline to share details of recusals granted to officials who disclose potential conflicts with their new government roles.

      Stay Informed. Get ProPublica’s Daily Digest

    2. @BeBop Aloola
      Lol wow thanks for that absolute absurd insane rant. We expect nothing less from crazy lefturds 😂😂😂😂
      I stopped reading in the first paragraph of gibberish. I see no links. More msnbc lies.
      You poor weak little thing.
      Don’t get so triggered over somebody asking for *links of proof* I know it’s hard when you believe in the tooth fairy.
      Hella entertaining though 😂😂😂😂😂
      You got more kid? Please, entertain

    1. Michelle Dyer-Long Think about it this man is a Billionaire. What does he have to gain. Blind ignorance Puppet. Quit watching Fake News Organizations Twisting your brainwashed programmed mind

  2. In case the common Citizen doesn’t see it: Trump is nothing but a puppet, he is controlled by the GOP, who in turn are controlled by the Corporations = IE: Corporate interests and Corp profit are what rules our government. Not you or I or our votes.

    1. @joe ward Joe, try to educate yourself before opening your sloppy mouth. Right here on YOUTUBE = you can find proof that Trump lost $1.1 billion in the 90’s (who stiffed his workers and stole from his investors) and currently, is now in debt of over $1.8 billion. Trump is nothing more than a high-class grifter, living his life of excess at every one else’s expense. His own ghostwriter author of “the Art of the Deal” admits that Trump is a con man and that the book was a lie (just like Trumps College and his Charities).
      If you think that Trump is a “billionaire” – then why don’t you prove it to us all by getting us his Scholastic, Medical, Bank and Tax records that he is so desperate to hide? eh?
      Thought so…
      laugh your f*cking azz off to that fact.

  3. Nancy’s daughter in a recent TV interview-“She’ll cut your head off & you won’t even know you’re bleeding…”.

    1. @Bob Marshel Mitch McConnell been breaking the laws every since he been in the Senate… Lol 😂🤗 you can spare us with that lie, Putin puppet

  4. Who robs their own charity to buy pictures of themselve and stick in their own property??? Could you imagine a united states president doing something so wrong?

    1. not Trolling Marcus just saying. Little kids dying in American custody. Little kids. forget their skin color or whether they immigration status. send them back if you want. Just don’t create harsh living conditions to punish/condition children for decisions their parents took.

    2. @Linda Fuller Sorry, little girl. You play here as you say. Some of us use it to become more broadly informed in a variety of subjects. But you just come here to play. I’ve been involved in the online community since the old BBS days, while DARPA was still working out TCP/IP protocols. So don’t try to pretend you know anything. All of the south doesn’t believe that Linda is not a representative of actual intelligence in the south. But she PLAYS at it. Remember that.

    1. @Kland2372 if you seriously believe that you have been manipulated by propaganda. there is zero evidence of such nonsense. that is way over the top.

    2. @Yolanda Davis why on Earth do blacks support the democrats in 2019.. I can understand it decades ago but not now

    3. Dooless odorson steamwart, I agree that is how I have felt about the Demoncrat party for a the last three years!!!!! And the picture is not a good look my brother.

    1. Trump is holding all of balls in the GOP, but he has no clue what balls can do for a man, cause he doesn’t have a pair of his own. He only knows if his holds them tight enough, those Eunuch Minions, will do whatever he tells them to do. Pelosi has “female balls” which are rarely used, but when they are, they are 100K x stronger than the male variety. And she DOES know how to use them!

    2. @Karen Fitzpatrick Nazi Pelosi is a mumbling drunk and looks the part after her 17 face lifts at taxpayer expense. Go enjoy your wifes balls now.

    1. @James Sutherland As if I had something else before? Also I don’t see how my attempts to educate on trump derangement syndrome is trolling. So many people say “oh i just hate the man” and I puke in my mouth.

  5. Pelosi has ‘Sisu’!

    Sisu is a Finnish concept described as stoic determination, tenacity of purpose, grit, bravery, resilience, and hardiness and is held by Finns themselves to express their national character. It is generally considered not to have a literal equivalent in English.

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