1. Every now and then I come to a video that deals with politics just to read the comments. You people are hilarious. Keep drinking the kool aid guys! LMAO

    1. Gooey 911 Now that is friggin funny. Very, very funny. Keep it up and keep fighting these liberal buffoons.

    2. @Clarence Walker a fool in their heart says there is no God.

      proven facts socialist dictators are like cult leaders. But people will be willing to kill themselves like the followers of Jim Jones. These are people who refuse to turn to Jesus Christ and read the Bible

    1. @Gooey 911  ROLF, that is Hilarious. The FIX-Is-In network only repeats just like all other fascist outlets, a child can literally watch 10 seconds of any fascist outlet and they will know what will pound into the dim-witted like you for the entire day.  Thanks for the laughs at your expense, cheers.

    1. Thomas Roberts you’ve,lost what’s left of that liberal peas sized brain. By the way, isn’t it time for you to get a job.

  2. If Pelosi doesn’t send the articles of impeachment to the Senate for trial… then the process completely fails. There is no alternative to this. None.

    1. GiarkReleos It’s Moscow you under-educated liberal dimwit. Not “Mosco.” Are you really that illiterate?

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