Nanos: Liberals drop 2.6% in one day, Tories edge ahead 1

Nanos: Liberals drop 2.6% in one day, Tories edge ahead


Nik Nanos breaks down his latest polling as the Conservatives take the lead and the Liberals' support drops 2.6% in one day.

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  1. The Liberals and Trudeau has lost my support as a Liberal and I will be giving the Conservatives a try this round. I have never voted for a Conservative before but I am calling on all my Liberal friends to give it a try also O’Toole and his team are the only professional government available, we don’t need anymore of this garbage if anyone is responsible for division in this country it is Trudeau.

    1. And to be fair, while the conservatives are the right-most party in Canada, as far a political parties go they’re far closer to the center than most folks think

    2. O’Toole’s team is an untried bunch of amateurs when it comes to governing. As all new governments are. You give the current bunch running far too much credit, considering their election platform of complaint and grievance.

  2. Way to go ….Erin Otool is our next PM . With in next decade we will try to Balance the Budget and get our Fiscal situation on Track.

  3. I hope we can get a change I think the NDP will take votes from the liberals and let the conservatives split the vote and go up the middle

  4. I am definitely voting for conservatives… but would love to see NDP as the official opposition. Hopefully conservatives can get enough of a lead to prevent a Liberal/NDP coalition government.

    1. @Mark Poitras So short-sighted. He won’t be able to govern because he doesn’t have the skills or character needed. But he can rule with the full weight of a heartless and vengeful Conservative Party behind him.

    2. @Graham McFadyen Hill ooooooohhhhhhh the conservative demons huh? You probably vote NDP Try checking which party made the most laws designed to silence all but one ideological view? Hint its not the Conservatives because they don’t do social engineering!

  5. Let’s hope Trudeau can’t “shecover” from this…but you never know “peoplekind” can be very stupid…….

  6. I have gone online to read every Party’s platform in detail. I have found that for common sense and being best for the country, actually the PPC’s platform is the best .For anyone or company that invests money to make a return on investments, I was amazed to see that the PPC states that they will eliminate the Capital Gains Tax, which is HUGE for investors.

  7. 600 million dollars for an election that was not necessary , our money, imagine how that money could have been used for health care and housing, how can anyone support Trudeau?

  8. I can’t bring myself to vote for the Party that muzzles scientists. The minute you start doing that, is the beginning of the end of an informed society.

    1. @Kenth Hamner Name one. If you know their name, I guess they weren’t muzzled were they ? Not credible.

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