Nanos poll: Trudeau’s brand takes a serious hit after ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests | TREND LINE

Nanos poll: Trudeau's brand takes a serious hit after 'Freedom Convoy' protests | TREND LINE 1


    1. An increase he will not in any way be affected by. With his upcoming $30K+ raise coming the same day, why would he?
      “If they can’t afford gasoline or heat, let them eat cake” I guess.

  1. The liberals and ndp need to be held accountable for invoking the emergency act because it was not needed as it’s being shown in the hearing.

    1. The Conservatives were dancing in the streets with the KANADIAN KAREN KONVOY, then Jagmeet Singh told our diverting Primeminister to show so leadership, and then Conservative’s Candice Bergen, and Pierre Poilievre, flip-flopped and urges trucker protesters to go back where they came from!

    2. @Wayne Polk if jagmeet knew anything about leadership why did he denounce the use of the emergencies act but only a few days later his entire partying including him chose instead to follow the liberals and voted yes to use the emergencies act? the double standards if this was a BLM protest are immaculate. the liberals should just come out and say that the hate any shade of blue and it just so happens to be that the leader is colour blind

    3. You don’t like the Act because he used it to defeat the morons. I love it because he used it to defeat the morons. Funny how that works isn’t it.

    4. @Penny Yeomans GO TRUDEAU! He just assured himself of another big win in the next election! Number 4 in a row!

  2. He showed his true colours as the ran to hide at the cottage. And upon watching the news where he walks past an honour guard I can imagine what those soldiers were thinking of him knowing that this dude, our leader in charge, is a coward.

    1. @Kevin Sullivan you can come give me an education if you want? seriously come pay me a visit? i’ll happily participate in some learning! please feel free to bring a weapon as well so my legal defence of self defence is irrefutable. im begging you to come see me

    2. @Kevin Sullivan Was that before or after he crawled under his bed and hid for 2 weeks because he was afraid of the big bad truckers??

    3. That’s what you do to children having temper tantrums. Ignore them, glad he did too. Every single time he meets with Trudeau haters, all they do is scream in his face – oh, and act like children. How many times has he been re-elected? Seems not everyone hates him as much as Cons.

    4. They all are cowards, they live in a protected bubble, we are just numbers. The last PM hid on a broom closet….. so you see it doesn’t matter what party its all the same game

    5. @Rob Davidson That’s the problem. The Liberals policies suck too. They turned Ontario into the world’s largest non-sovereign debtor. Trudeau is doing the same thing federally. I don’t see how this country can ever recover.

    1. The rest of the world is commenting on this emergency act….check out international news. Especially British news, during blackface’s trip to London he was heckled. He’s a just an embarrassment. No self awareness.

    2. Prime Minister Trudeau’s ha ndling ofcthe trucker insurrection was handled admirably! Anyway that whole episode is ancient history now. Only a few rag tag individuals keep flogging that embarrassment. They honked a horn or screamed f Trudeau which amounts to their idea of one minute of fame. So lame. So trucker.

    3. Ya nah it’s over.

      You came, you had a few beers and honks, shared a few locker-talk “F*** Trudeau!” moments with your trailor park buddies, and then it was time to go. And you’re gone now, even more irrelevant than when you started. Your 1 min of cry-for-attention fame has come to an unceremonial end.

      The war in Ukraine has proved to have a much bigger financial and humanitarian impact on Canada than 10% of truckers not wanting to haul.

  3. 53 percent aren’t paying attention, 47 percent see jt for what he isn’t. He’s only important to himself

    1. @nick yalousakis and Alberta who only votes Conservative no matter what is any different than Toronto?

    2. @nick yalousakis “cerebral electorate” does not apply to Cons, that’s for sure. Hicks and hillbillies, is more like it….who wear clip on ties.

    3. @Nigel MacKinnon and it’s ok to vote liberal…. i voted liberal too when the party was a respectable one with chretien and especially with paul martin. today however the party is a cesspool of filth and the NDP, although better than liberal…. are really liberal disciples.

  4. Who would have thought using basically military force against those who’s opinion differed from your own would be bad? He spent so much time demonizing the innocent while he was acting like he claimed we did.

    1. This clown has never accepted responsibility or held himself accountable for anything let alone actually answered a question. He’s a spoiled rotten narcissist through and through.

  5. Canada is falling, that’s the sad Truth – we need to find our roots again. We need to start caring again, instead of hating

    1. No kidding, check out the news reports coming from great Britain and Australia. I haven’t heard anything positive about blackface, in London he was hacked by demonstrators.

  6. When the Conservatives put the question to Trudeau are you going to give Canadians a break with the carbon tax on April 1, he said No that is off the table, I don’t think that answer is going to buy him any votes.

    1. It doesn’t matter. Prepubescent grown women who vote with their vaginas will still put him back in power, because they think he’s hot. I’m ashamed of the women I personally know who have voted for him each time for that reason.

  7. 2/3 of Canadians were ok with freezing bank accounts and the use of the emergency act in that situation? That is terrifying.

    1. It’s not even close to being true. They only polled Liberals. So 2/3 of 30% is 20%, of Canadians in reality.

    2. @Chris Levisen is that verifyable? Hope it is, because I whole heartedly agree. This dictator has to go ….. THIS YEAR !!!!!

  8. As a leader he should have Met with the convey, opened dialog, thats all that was needed, a real leader would know that.

    1. @Juju Pelino Please pardon the reposts. I was agreeing with you, but the system kept screwing my post up, so I kept deleting and reposting it, not knowing what I now think I see, that you were being sent notifications of posts that I thought were NOT going through. I didn’t intend to bother you. Sorry about that! ✌🏼

    2. Totally agree! Even if he didn’t agree with them, dialogue is an important step! Not everyone is always on the same page, but we are all in all, a citizen of this country and a leader should meet the level of all those who are citizens, not just his followers. This goes for many others in this country!

    3. I have emailed my local mp this exact question over two weeks ago, still haven’t heard anything back. He’s taking his ques from blackface.

  9. no way he gets away with that. 2/3 of Canadians weren’t OK with RENAMING war time measures act and involking it. He’ll pay

  10. He is the most unaccountable PM in history. He is the worst thing to ever happen to Canada. He and Freeland have to go.

  11. Interesting how over six years of focus on soft social issues failed to tackle the hard issues around what’s really going on in the world and how those hard issues are all now blowing up in his face.

  12. Trudeau’s reputation around the world is in ruins. There is no way there will be a restoration of public trust in Government, nor banking, nor especially the police. The way the convoy was handled by all three of these entities is a disgrace.

  13. Very disturbing that so many Canadians supported the invoking of the Emergency Act! Though most Canadians still walk around outdoors with theirs faces covered too!

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