Nanos: “Turbulence” for Trudeau if questions persist about snap election | TREND LINE's Michael Stittle and Nanos Research's Nik Nanos discuss the start of the 2021 federal election campaign.

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  1. Please use the full, proper title for Trudeau:

    Prime Minister Blackface Ethics Violations G7 Partier.

    1. @Agnostic Atheist EVERYONE HERE IS A RUSSIAN TROLL, same prose as ’15 and ’19: Putin’s GRU Mass Murdered Muscovites

    2. @Kent B we have a better debt to GDP ratio than everyone in the G7 but Germany, and a bigger GDP total than RUSSIA, Boris, soPutin’s GRU Mass Murdered Muscovites

  2. Imagine how many Water Bombers could have been purchased for the cost of this snap election. I don’t want to hear the word climate change uttered as a part of anyone’s platform. What a joke.

    1. Tax on tax is not a solution… a carbon tax doesn’t fix anything… your risking people’s jobs and lives everyday… not that it ever mattered to the liberals of your not Toronto or the main spots they need seats you don’t count or don’t exist to them

    2. @DaBlondeBomb Shell still using “…” Boris? 6 Years, 3 elections, same pro-oil Spam out of Russia, duh. Putin’s GRU Mass Murdered Muscovites

  3. Why the Greens and not the PPC?
    When the PPC get 5-10% of the votes, you will discredit and marginalize all of the supporters. Are you ever going to report News and stop with the massive Opinion Spin.

    1. @ƒlorin cracking jokes and saying crickets For less than 30 seconds is hardly having a discussion. Ronald is right!

    1. Sure, Boris, you realize you Russian trolls have posted those exact words over a thousand times in 6 years? Putin’s GRU Mass Murdered Muscovites

  4. Doesn’t matter who you vote for, they all work for the central banking families. We need to defund the Central banking system, do away with fiat currency.

    1. That was the start of the downfall for Gaddafi. Everything is about the almighty Dollar.

    2. The last dozen or so leaders that have tried that either have wars started because of it or just get killed lol

  5. Why does CPAC not use english subcaptions and put volume down on cpp and some of the other party’s? Should this be bought to elections canada attention??

    1. Please complain to elections Canada for that. They should be using English subtitles when the person switches to french. It is very annoying.

    1. Russian Trolls LOVE undermining democracy. Putin wants everyone else’s democracies to look bad while he destroys Russia’s, so that and keeping oil profitable are what his Troll Farm does, thus pro-oil, anti-environment Right Wingers who attack election integrity are his main tools (there IS a peepee tape;), and he backs them with his Troll Farm. In Canada, they outnumber Canadians on MOST News vids about any election, look CLOSELY at that repetitive anti-Trudeau spam, they haven’t even corrected the punctuation or changed the wording on most of it in SIX YEARS😉.

    2. @Goretty Rogers sure Boris, after 2 elections of you guys using the same spam, it’s pretty obvious: Putin’s GRU Mass Murdered Muscovites

  6. The conservative leader stepped down a while back and the new one has not established himself. So Trudeau wants to keep it that way.

    1. The New World Order is a professional wrestling stable that originally consisted of “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. The stable originated in World Championship Wrestling with the gimmick of a group of unsanctioned wrestlers aiming to “take over” and control WCW in the manner of a street gang.

  7. What a joke B.C. on fire like never before where is our leade hahahaha could not make it criminals all of them

  8. Who should start by telling your viewers how much you receive from the federal government (taxpayers )

  9. Imagine an election running on a decentralized platform. I wonder if we will see this in the next one 🙂

  10. We Canadians did not want an election. Enough of a self centred prime minister not listening to Canadians. Trudeau has to go.

    1. I wanted it since he took office I always new he was a Clown time to hoof him in his a$$

    2. “centred” is Brit spelling, Boris, so Putin’s GRU Mass Murdered Muscovites. You Russians have been using the same spam for 3 elections now, easy to spot, you’re getting lazy😉

  11. Calling an election is a just another bad decision for Trudeau during a pandemic. Rather than leading he just wants to try to secure his political future . Looks very similar to the USA election. Trump got dumped. Dump Trudeau in September !!

    1. Either way, it was the most corrupt election in history. Didn’t matter who won, neither side would accept the result.

  12. There you go…Afghan’s in major trouble, provinces trying to recover from covid…economy still struggling….Justin calls an election.
    I’m voting conservative this time…

    1. Can you imagine we fund the Afghan military than decided to vanish. They want to keep funding the new political party. This is the Liberal Trudeau makings

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