Naomi Osaka Withdraws From French Open 1

Naomi Osaka Withdraws From French Open


The number two ranked tennis player in the world, Naomi Osaka withdrew from the French Open. Osaka was recently fined $15k for refusing to do post match news conference, citing mental health. In a statement Osaka said she will push for ways to make things better for players, press and fans. 
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    1. @devinngeorge That argument made sense 30/40 years ago. The sports press is now obsolete as a conduit from athlete to fan when athletes can speak to their fans directly online.

    2. @s13shaka does no one think of the press and stupid and abusive questions? What about their rights?

    3. @Why So Serious First being a pro speaking after games are part of it. That is why they get paid so much for playing a game, and fans want to be like them. She gets paid from companies for this as well. That is the job , so people at other jobs get asked stupid questions all the time and we live with it or leave, she is choosing to leave. I hope her business groups also leave so she can see what most people have to live through.

  1. She has the right to do whatever she wants and deserves the right to protect her health.

    1. And those running the tournament have the right to respond as they did.

      Hopefully both sides will get together to discuss the issues further.

    2. She does NOT have the right to do whatever she wants. She signed contracts and agreements. She has obligations she is required to fulfill and that she agreed to fulfill. If she does not fulfill those obligations, then I hope she suffers the harshest consequences that those agreements allow

    3. @GK PRIVATE then she should just do the Marshawn Lynch thing and just say she’s only here so she doesn’t get fined

    4. You’re absolutely correct, she has the right to do wherever she wants. Her sponsors, agent, athletic sanctioning bodies also have the right to impose and penalties and sanctions for breaches on contract.

    1. @Markus Patients …or they just all band together and stop showing up. Then the system gets changed… but be prepared for what the new system looks like…. it may not be better.

    2. @creepy99 well if a student is motivated then they shouldn’t fail. Anyway it’s part of the life but so is the media I guess bringing back to the point of the tennis.

    3. @JimmyJamesBlueFlames Yeah, well now the sponsors are in a bad position seemingly uncaring about one person’s poor mental health. Give them a round of applause

    4. @creepy99 The system is in charge of the System.. Pro Tennis has never had a players strike like the “BIG 3” US men’s Pro Sports organizations. Remember Kaepernick, he took a knee and never got his job back.

    5. @Markus Patients if labron can exploit his profession for Polly personal agenda, then she can walk away. Media is not what makes an athlete.

  2. Mental health is very important. I wish her all the best.
    Regarding her withdrawal, I wish it didn’t come to this because press conferences come with the game. A compromise could be that questions are vetted and approved by players and reporters before actual interview so everyone is on the same page.

    1. @kody jefferson @ the influence of many and all of You r commenting as if corporations give an inch about who works for them.I want you to see that even if they went with what you r suggesting it is not gonna working for these reasons:
      1-it would not be the drama filled questions that Osaka would select
      2-The league or the shareholders will not like that media outlook bc it generates less funds aka excitement and enthousiastes or watched.
      3-The media therefore would not continually support such production when the star of team is out of the profit zone.
      5-The only time agreement is found would be if Osaka shut up and do as they say regardless of her health status.Why? bc we only trust physical science data on one health status.Anything that is mental or emotional is pushed in the back burner until it flames or creates a scandal

    2. @IZ YK Not because something is tradition or brings in good revenue means it’s right. If players come together and fight against whatever injustice they are facing, then corporations will be forced to at least listen and possibly make adjustments.

    3. @Musical Artist Let someone with a documented mental health issue submit to “arbitration” by a random “neutral” doctor who will decide in a very short space of time, possibly against the recommendations of the professional whom knows her case best, whether she should deal with sh*tloads of press or not? All so you can get your piece of her? Sorry but you sound CRAZY. Mental Health is not a broken leg, easily identified and quickly diagnosed. It really doesn’t work like that.

      The “Doctors”, or should i say “MEDICAL PROFITEERS” you have over there in the States, may all be CORRUPT, sold-out and available to the higest bidder however, here in the rest of the developed world, we have a lot less of that sort of thing loool. Anyway…good luck to you.

    4. @ThatDog Barkz , Sorry, paid staff for her slow time be used as an excuse to not attend press conferences.

    5. @The Influence of Many We have seenmany attempts to that togertherness thru history and corps has always have the upper hands.Many exemples to cite..Amazon and its workers;Kapernick and the NFL,the oil companies and First Nation..etc……

    1. contractors and sponsors : “It’s ok Naomi.. from now and on we’re paying you $15 an hour”….lol

    2. @kevin cota This is a completely different issue! She’s battling depression and said she’s having mental problems. She’s NOT protesting anything.

  3. I applaud her for her stance and openness concerning her mental health Maybe this will bring more awareness to what she is going through and it’s not about her being a diva but a sensitive open professional who’s made a bold decision…

    1. Totally agree, yet the MSM trashes her, and won’t let her play the game she loves. Believe it or not many public figures are adverse to public speaking. They should respect her wishes.

  4. Why anyone expects an athlete to do anything besides compete is baffling to me. Why does everyone need to be a celebrity?

    1. It’s for the purpose of promoting the sport so they can make more money. They want to make the athletes household names and faces all for marketing dollars and they put these things into their contracts to ensure they get it…That’s how they can fine the number 2 player in the world 15K for not talking when they tell her to.

    2. Exactly. What most fans don’t realize is that not everyone wants to be a celebrity. It is a burden that just happens to come with success in certain fields.

    3. She seemed to use the media to get out her Black Lives Matter protest last summer. Now she doesn’t want any questions. She’s a hypocrite.

  5. Here we find a brave young lady who chose to be open about her mental health and tennis is more interested in the $$$ than they are about the well-being of one of it’s top stars!!
    Greed….sad they put it first.

    1. It Always seems to be about the Money,
      Apparently “Monetary” comes before “Mental”, (At least in their dictionary),
      I agree with you. I do hope there can be a medium, One that won’t do too much damage to either side, Athletes/promotional concerns. I’m sure just getting to the point where this young lady is at, Is extremely stressful. (Somebody should take that into account.).

  6. I’m super proud of her I hate when people try to force people to be mentally sound
    What! Let her heal in a healthy way. I love that she put her health over her career because there is no career unless you are healthy

  7. Seeing as how the press will take any statement and use it for a gotcha moment or put a negative spin on it no athlete should wanna speak to the Press

  8. Good for her. Her health and well-being are worth more than any $ amount. May she find peace. Namaste

  9. French Open: You’re going to sit there, take it, say thank you and ask for more
    Osaka: Or? I just don’t…
    French Open: quoi?!

  10. Mental health isn’t taken serious by too many people. A lot of people dismissing her is very disappointing. Gatekeeping a sport from people with anxiety/depression is upsetting.

  11. Well done, sports people like this need to stand up for themselves and need to be supported by all.

  12. Today I went for a run, then went to a Memorial day gathering, then mowed the yard. I got by without any tennis at all.

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