Natalee Holloway’s family thought he could lead them to her remains. Now they want him convicted

Joran van der Sloot, the prime suspect in the 2005 disappearance of the late American teen Natalee Holloway, will be extradited to the US to face extortion and fraud charges, said officials in Peru, where Sloot has been serving time for murder. He has been indicted in the US on federal charges of extortion and wire fraud in connection with a plot to sell information about the whereabouts of her remains in exchange for $250,000, officials said. #CNN #News


    1. Predator monster. Lock him up. Remove the organ that motivates him. Might deter a few other predator wannabees and keeps the obscenity from assaulting the other prisoners if it’s allowed in the general prison population.

    2. @Immortal Asirpa please do more research on sexual assault and murder. Castration does not deter

  1. He’s already been stabbed twice in prison But when he gets here, he’ll probably get stabbed in the butt hole a few times.

  2. Not only did Sloot kill the Holloway’s beautiful daughter, he dangled the hope of her whereabouts and defrauded them of money.
    Took the money to Peru, gambled with it and killed another young woman. This time they caught him, on camera.
    Well – raised in an overprivileged atmosphere – Daddy paid for all of this kid’s mistakes. Daddy still has deep pockets –
    So cough up restitution to the Holloway family, which deserves much relief. When they say a family is ruled by the most insane member – the Sloot family is the family they meant –

    1. His father passed away before he murdered the second girl. His father died of heart failure in his middle 50’s. His mother moved back to the Netherlands years ago and no longer has contact with her son who she blames for her husbands death as well.

  3. I can only imagine the horror and devastation Natalie’s mother has endured, losing Natalie and not knowing what happened to her. But I would call on all my faith and the faith of my ancestors to not give this van der sloot character any more power to further victimize me by making any kind of deal with this deviant. 😢

  4. I followed this case when it happened. When did it become a “thing” for parents to send their minor child to a foreign country on a semi-supervised, “break” from the “stress” of… high school? An inebriated, over-indulged, under-parented, and unsupervised child, with parents that have more money than sense, meets another inebriated, over-indulged, under-parented, and unsupervised child with parents that have more money than sense – what could go wrong?

    1. Yep. I was super p*ssed at my dad for not letting me take a school trip to London, UK from Canada when I was 17. He knew better.

    2. I know the family would like to find the remains at least of their daughter, and this man was questioned, but never arrested from the beginning of the disappearance of Natalie Holloway. I think this man’s father had a lot of influence, and a lot of money was the reason he was not retained by the authorities. so now he killed another woman And stole money from Natalie Holloway’s parents? Did they not really realize that it was a scam? I know they’re still grieving, but once a scammer, always a scammer.

  5. I followed this case closely. 2005 was the year I got married. Yes we are still married. 18 years of pure hell for Natalee’s mom. I feel so bad for her.

    1. Have you ever seen the hidden camera tapes here on youtube where he probably told the real story

  6. Van Der Sloot is the equivalent to the Frankenstein monster. The maximum penalty in Peru for murder is 28 years then he must be released. The reason he’s having this extortion trial is so when he finishes his sentence in Peru he can be turned over directly to the FBI rather than them having to hunt him down. Since he’s been in prison in Peru he’s been married and has fathered children on his conjugal visits. I’ll never understand why women were pursuing him in prison after he already murdered two women.

  7. The Alabama FBI gave JVS twenty-five grand – $25 K and they had no plan after that – No indictment – $25 grand from the FBI and JVS flew to Lima for the poker tourny – 6 FBI agents followed him but hit the nightclubs while JVS murders his 2nd victim.

  8. He sold her. No way she just disappeared. He’s not smart enough to pull it off. He had a sure bet and knew he could get away with it. Sharks leave remnants. He’s not an industrious person to stay up all night burying a corpse, let alone alone, and able to hide it.

  9. I still remember the day I came out of a store in Arnhem, Joran passed me by, I think I just stared and freezed for a moment…
    He was “free” basically at that time because lack of evidence in Natalees case, it was in 2009 I believe, and he was able to study and live there.
    He was still “notorious” ofcourse and people knew about the Natalee case but other than the fact he’s incredibly tall you would think it’s just a young man casually passing by…
    When people ask me if I ever met or saw any Dutch famous people irl, I usually leave him out 😅 like we’re are ashamed of him as Dutch people and what he’s known for…
    It gives me the creeps knowing you can pass by a (then) future serial killer at any time.
    He’s also married and has a daughter, it’s unbelievable the damage Joran has done to both the Holloway family and the family of Stefanie Flores…

  10. Losing a child is the worst thing ever but not knowing what happened to them for a long time it is a special kind of nightmare 🤔

  11. One person who should be held accountable for allowing Van der Sloot to get away and moving on to murder another woman in another country, is the lead investigator in Aruba who arrested the Hotel worker instead of Van Der Sloot, when all the evidence was pointing that way. The investigator conveniently arrested the poor Hotel worker just to quiet the public and did not arrest Van Der Sloot because Van Der Sloot is the son of a top official in Aruba.

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