1. I don’t call myself a Dutch or French American. This is so easy to understand.unless you have dual citizenship you are just saying the country you live in.

    1. @Xman it’s just not necessary unless you’re stating where you’re living as a cultural reference.

    2. @Scott Vandehey
      You obviously don’t know what it’s like to be black in America. It’s necessary to affirm yourself and your heritage in a culture that attempts to denigrate both. And please don’t respond by lecturing me on how I should go about being black.

  2. Luca Changretta didn’t present himself as an Italian or immigrant when the coppers asked about his accent. He presented himself as an AMERICAN. May he rest in peace… or in a pool of gin. He had it coming though. Applause to my boy Arthur.

    1. It’s about time. Sometimes, when race might be important to identify a person it is handy to use the term African American but most of the black people that I would encounter in the US are definitely American as opposed to being an immigrant from Africa, Haiti or some other country such as in the Caribbean.

  3. He has a point. White Americans don’t call themselves European-Americans, same thing should apply to black Americans.

    1. Whites routinely and proudly call themselves Irish American or Italian American or Native American … and more. Some even have parades to celebrate their heritage beyond American shores. Trying to connect to one heritage doesn’t undermine the importance of the other. It completes the person. And especially for Black Americans who had the History and heritage stripped away after being forced into slavery for 300 plus years. And Elon Musk is an African invader … African Colonizer. How he related to his coming from Africa and Blacks being descended from Africa is as different as wind and rain.

  4. I am MEXICAN American…. I have no problem with the label. What I do know is that SOME Americans have a problem that I am not white.

    1. – if you were born in Mexico and came here and assimilated, you would be a Mexican American.

    2. @Believer I am an American born Mexican. Born an American citizen… I am Mexican American. I am not what you decide to label me.

  5. It is like being called European-American because your ancestors came from Europe in the 18th century.

  6. In Vietnam, they do not call me an African American. They call me an American and that makes me feel that I am the fabric of America.

    1. There’s no way in hell you will get me to deny my ancestors. No way in hell. I’m not sure smokey even is of African decent. Idk. But my ancestors were kidnapped and forced to come here against their will from Africa.

  7. We of good conscience are all Americans brother Smokey . f the monsters of society though


  9. If a person wants to call themselves an African-American, that is their choice, Ann should be respected

    1. Yea if you’re from Africa. Doesn’t make sense otherwise, it never did. It’s a way to point out that they are “they/other” & come from some place outside. Singling them out. If you were born here you’re American. I’m not walking around calling myself a euro-egyptian-middleeastern-morrocan-spainish-italian American. That’d be stupid.

  10. Smokey’s absolutely correct. I would add we should get rid of “Black History Month”. “Black History” should be taught and celebrated EVERY month.

  11. I agree with Mr. Robinson, but I’m a white woman, so I will use whatever verbiage a person prefers. I embrace people who were born here or naturalized here as American.

  12. Years ago, I was at church and the pastor did a sermon where he talked about inclusiveness. In the end, he started calling up all the various groups. “White people, come on up. Indian people, come on up. Chinese people, come on up.” He then says, “African Americans, come on up.” There were maybe 40 black people in the church, but only about 12 went up. Confused, he said it louder, “AFRICAN AMERICANS, COME ON UP.!” No one else went up. Finally, someone ran up to him and whispered in his ear. “Black people, come on up!” All the black people went up.

    No one calls a white person who’s been in the US for generations Polish American or Czech American or British American. No, we just say they’re American. If you get to know them, THEN they can tell you, yeah, my Grandfather came here from Germany. African American is a dumb term.

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