National March For Voting Rights Set For Saturday

The National Action Network is set to host a National March On for Voting Rights on August 28, and the Rev. Al joins Morning Joe to preview the event, and he discusses 10 years of 'PoliticsNation'.

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National March For Voting Rights Set For Saturday


  1. I have lived at the same address for over 20 years..I registered to vote and my vote was cancelled..They wanted previous addresses…I lived several places before my purchase of my home. But when you live somewhere for 20 years it should be enough. It’s a little rediculous, I lived several places . Which one did they want, trying to remember address from 20 years ago! ! !

    1. @Zero Tolerence For Haters If a individual is in prison and convicted should make them ineligible to run for office. Owning a firearm is a right and a privilege. It’s my right to own a firearm and my duty and responsibility as a gun owner to continue being a law abiding citizen. What makes it a privilege as well is the fact the government can take it away if in fact I am committing federal crime. In order to keep my rights to bare arms I must be a responsible and safe gun owner that is a law abiding individual.

    2. you dont have to march for voting rights… no one is or is trying to prevent anyone else from voting and there are no laws that single out a race and prevents them from voting

    3. @Paul Wilson ‘you don’t have to march for voting rights’ If people hadn’t marched for police accountability all last summer, Derek Chauvin would be a free man today.

    1. I have, unfortunately met a few billionaires. What separates them from the rest of us, is that they are sociopaths. How does a billionaire walk past a homeless person and not feel anything?! They are people who lack empathy and are morally bankrupt, they do not see value in others, or society as a whole.

    2. billionaires own companies that employ people… how would stealing from them give the average joe a better life?

    1. Well, considering they earned their money, no. Also u would have to pay a much higher portion of the taxes now, I’m sure u want that dont u?

  2. What we’re seeing in red states regarding voter suppression IS the argument against small government. Something so important ad the right for every citizen to vote should never have been placed in the hands of state officials. The rights to vote should be a federally mandated, nationwide regulation.

    The GOP only argues for limited government oversight when it does not agree with their agenda.

  3. There is NO legislation more important to the preservation of our Democracy than both the John Lewis Voting Rights Act AND the For the People Act. Political manipulation of our constitutional right to FREE and FAIR elections is a clear and present danger.

  4. The GOP is under trump’s thumb now. They cannot put their hoods back on. We now know who they are and what they have always stood for.

    1. If Republicans put laws into place that make people simply verify their identity with a photo identification card how is that preventing people from voting and denying someone their rights? If anything this should promote more people to vote knowing there’s voter integrity giving voters the confidence that all people voting have verified their identity. The only people that would be affected by this law is those who would be voting illegally which is a felony.

  5. Boebert should have never been allowed to put out an add with the contents that are vile spewed from her mouth about President Joe Biden in the ISF killing our military men at the airport in Afghanistan. MSNBC what can you do to stop social media from producing this disgusting disinformation with a hate bias attitude in these ads?

    1. @Tessmage Tessera those types of ads are released by both parties. You can admit it or not but the “truth is truth”.

    2. @Paul Wilson This is easily solved: prove it. Show us a comparable ad from a Democrat. Bet you can’t do it, cupcake. You’ll do what every right-wing loser does: you’ll say “Google it,” and then scurry back to your hidey hole. C’mon twerp, prove me wrong. I dare ya.

  6. Time to go ahead and then impeach Kavanaugh and Barrett and then let’s stack to court with five liberal justices. A. Start firing through so much legislation they can’t change it back to save their lives. We should post the addresses of those justices so the 3 1/2 million homeless can go stay with them

  7. Thank you Rev, for your dedication to civil rights and to those crushed and broken by circumstances. We need more love in this country for one another. Lord, help America we need you! 🇺🇸

  8. I haven’t heard any Republican say a word about what they are going to do for their constituents. What are they going to do to make your life better? GOP is consumed with taking out the Democrats. They don’t care about you at all!

    1. What? The Dems have been trying to massacre the Repubs for years. It is very dangerous to have only one dominant party.

  9. Is the _US_ of _A_ a democracy? Gerrymandering is “terraforming” (or should that be terrorforming?) the political landscape into something of a reverse democracy. A system of governance in which politicians choose their voters.

  10. Has Al Sharpton paid his back taxes? He used to own several million dollars in back taxes that he tried to abscond on. The last report he owed over $700 K. Why is it that MSNBC has tax scofflaws, felons and cheats giving people advice?

  11. If you can congregate 100’s or even 1000’s of miles to march at the nation’s Capitol, you can march downtown to get an ID.

    1. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣 that’s why we matching n begging same D rite..when they can change the law

  12. This march will also support the voting rights of the Americans with Disabilities, as well as those of color. There are new regulations making harder for the disabled to vote, now may be requiring two witnesses to their absentee ballots, in North Carolina and more. This was walked-back to one witness, during the 2020 election. Making it harder for a vote.

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