National Urban League President Calls For Arrest Of Officers | Morning Joe | MSNBC

National Urban League President Calls For Arrest Of Officers | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. @ggf cfhvyy Correct. American blacks are the most troubled race on the face of the earth. They continue to squander Taxpayer’s VERY generous gifts in the form of Affirmative Action, school quotas, Section 8 housing, welfare, EBT, SNAP, WIC and on and on. They have suffered a legendary failure to launch here for over 150 years and STILL they try to blame White America for all of their troubles. So sad.

    2. @thom wessels the majority of recipients of these “VERY generous gifts” you speak of are actually white people. look it up.

    3. @hmoney Yeah, call a drug dealing grade school dropout ghetto
      homie next time you get mugged. That will work out real well for you.

    4. Darth Traya The Wise Your wrong most countries, especially in Europe have free speech. Where do you think you got your laws from and parts of your constitution, from the U.K. and Europe. We had laws and free speech before the USA was created. Most cops in Europe with the exception of the U.K. and Ireland carry guns, but you never see them used in such a violent and dangerous way that the cops do in the USA. Some of these cops are poorly trained and some are out and out thugs. The USA is such a fearful society. I couldn’t believe during this pandemic gun shops were thought to be “essential” put in the same category as food. They did a roaring trade I heard. I can’t believe how some of these murdering cops get away with it. There is something seriously wrong with the laws when so many cops are proven not guilty.

  1. And there are still people out there who will assert that this man brought this on himself…this is disgusting and heart-rending. NO ONE deserves this..NO ONE…wrong is wrong. Arrest the criminals if there has been a crime committed, do not become one yourself…All “officers” involved must be held accountable

    1. @thom wessels — Do you believe being fired for taking a life is a consequence? Also, I am speaking about the series of continued tragedies over numerous years. If no one fears the consequences, the actions won’t stop. These officers can apply elsewhere when the “noise” dies down.
      Many of these officers were fired from other stations when they arrive at a new location. They have records with excessive force in their pasts but still allowed to work. The Dallas officer who shot an unarmed black man in his apartment shot someone before.
      You are trying to turn this into semantics. You know what real consequences are. I’m not sure if you are a parent or not, but consequences have to meet the level of the action committed. Getting fired for something the majority of Americans get arrested for isn’t the same as receiving consequences.

    2. ​@Matt Rash ‘literally have a JD’? Really? You missed that whole first week in lawyer skool on using ‘literally’ as opposed to ‘actually’, huh? Anyway, my Doctorate is only in the Healthcare field, sorry.
      Do you have any point to ‘literally’ bring here, Clarence Darrow?? Thought not. Stay in your comfort zone, parking ticket dismissals. It will just be better for everyone.

  2. “Most police officers are good people…” yeah? When are they going to start being GOOD and turning these race soldiers in?

    1. Right, Furious Styles. If these officers were “good people” they would have stopped their “good buddy” from killing that man. That does not make one “good,” it makes you an accomplice to murder. That makes you a “BAD person.”

    2. Not most actually the very few good ones are the exceptions that proves the rule.
      This has to stop now…

    1. Saying this while he was sticking his knee on his throat/neck with HANDS IN HIS POCKETS this is pure sadism that ended up in a crime/murder one deserving a trial for him and his accomplice bystanders fellow officers.

    2. I am not sure if his hands are in his pockets, I know it looks that way and it was my first thought too. Bu the other officer is wearing black gloves, I used to wear some as well doing security, they barely covered my palm and were knife and blood resistant in my case. If one wears gloves, I have to assume he is as well. Does not change anyting… just a note.

    3. LSW well if they are not in his pockets it sure look like it so should I be wrong I apologize if not well then…but that doesn’t make it less despicable anyway.

  3. “The only difference between the police and the criminals? The police have uniforms”…is an old, and in this case, true, saying…

  4. Officer : get up and get in the car.
    George Floyd: I will but I can’t move…
    Sad end to a life. Lynched in broad daylight!!

    1. @San Likkle Looks like Manslaughter, pure and simple. As well as multiple civil rights violations. I hope they are charged with every POSSIBLE VIOLATION OF HIS RIGHTS.

  5. That sick individual was literally pressing the life out of him with his knee. That’s murder! That officer is murderer in uniform. SICK!

    1. @helene dufft if you do not like the conversation, go elsewhere. It’s a clear and simple case of manslaughter. As well as many civil rights violations. I am a RN, mother of 3 and a bakers dozen grands. I’m a Sunday School teacher and a reg. R for 40 years. And it’s a clear case of Manslaughter. Go away if you don’t agree. Or speak if you feel necessary, but understand that you are on the short side of the draw.

    2. @AJ I made general statements regarding my life, & how I have lived it. I also spent several decades contributing to ‘R’ candidates, as well as actively campaigning for many candidates. It’s simply a statement, or a snapshot in about 5/8” of space as to who I am. I’m not a lawyer. I pray for the victim, as well as the police officers families. I hope for justice & I believe in justice. You are entitled to your first amendment rights. My father also gave his life for your rights.

    3. @Jeanne Marie This is not about you. A man was suffocated by a policeman’s knee pressed on his neck.😳There’s nothing else to say except that it’s awful if you’re a human with a heart. This isn’t what happens in a civilized country. IT’S SICK!

  6. If these officers are not charged and convicted then I really hope people rise up and get justice themselves!

    1. White people and their hateful empty souls are not of this earth. I say this because they’re the only race on the planet that behaves this way and known for “WHITE PRIVELEGE.” Never have we heard or had labels of black privilege, Indian privilege, Italian privilege, Mexican privilege, Latino privilege, etc., smfh.. I swear Demograhics cant happen fast enough to finally make these menaces to society the minority race

  7. Firing is NOT enough…
    These individuals will still KEEP THEIR LICENSE and work in the NEIGHBORING AREAS..
    FURTHERMORE, they need to be PROSECUTED..

    1. There’s convictions need to be done and never allowed to serve as officers in any states..they did not give George his rights how dare they ask for there rights? Rights are for Good officers not murderers ..

    2. JR Paris : Let the concerned town’s people lead these four to a quiet meadow, there to gently let each to step off a horse driven cart, to kick away into a groundless surrounding, the birds and the leaves their only final companion, stripped of their fancy dress.

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