National Urban League's Marc Morial: Police Killings 'A Modern-Day System Of Lynching' | MSNBC 1

National Urban League’s Marc Morial: Police Killings ‘A Modern-Day System Of Lynching’ | MSNBC


National Urban League President and CEO Marc Morial joins Andrea Mitchell ahead of the funeral of Andrew Brown Jr. to discuss efforts to combat racial police violence in the country.

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National Urban League's Marc Morial: Police Killings 'A Modern-Day System Of Lynching' | MSNBC


    1. The age of Science has dawned.
      We don’t need religion to explain things anymore.

    2. @Make Racists Afraid Again greetings friend.. yay and look how good everything is going… Do not fall in with the postenlightenment crowd saying ‘we are gods unto ourselves’..such is idolatry. If you have an ear to hear please hear. Peace MRAA

  1. I hope everyone in the line today ….will be in line to VOTE in the next several election.
    Show these SOB’s the POWER of the VOTE

    1. Chad you are a troll. Russian or trumpist? Oh that’s right there’s no difference.

  2. Idiots: “Our police system is not racist.”
    History: “Actually, many of the local policing laws are based on slave trade laws protecting white people’s property.”
    Idiots: “SHUT UP!”

    1. @Noreb – I look him up quickly, but unsure what racism has to do with a Russian. If your trying to troll me, because you think I’m a Republican, I’m not.

    2. @Bat Boy i mean he has as much to do with racism as anything youre saying. so why are you scared of konstatine kelimnik?

    3. @Bat Boy theres a 250K reward for information leading to his arrest for his collusion with the trump campaign in 2016 and 2020. gosh how do you not know about this?!?!?!?

    4. @Noreb – Oh, cool story. I just never followed it, specifically this person. I mean, I couldn’t follow everything Trump was doing, he was doing so much crazy , it was hard to keep track.

  3. I’m happy they are getting what they deserve BACK THE BLUE. We must continue to punish criminals

  4. Marc is outstanding and it’s time for him to find his voice again…he’s a neophyte MLK ..time to bloom Marc

  5. George Floyd’s murder was certainly a modern version of that despicable act. The police officer was torturing him. Causing him excruciating pain so not only would Floyd never forget he was never to in any way question a police officer or resist in any way, anyone watching would learn the same lesson. And that was the purpose of those other crimes. Terror.

  6. The US Sheriffs are still selected like in the Wild West. How fast can they draw their gun and are they willing back shooters of Indians and other non-whites.

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