1. Matt Gaetz, Tucker Carlson and Kenneth Copeland, as they get older, more and more, they look like triplets separated at birth.

  2. Matt Gaetz must have misunderstood when he was told people use Venmo to make minor purchases.

    1. @izztiger mobek Sounds like we shall wait and see if you anti-vaxxers are going to win this year’s Darwin Award, or if it will be those of us who decided to trust science over fear-mongering, who will suffer from some unknown future effect of the vaccine. Unfortunately, y’all provide a Petri dish in which the virus can potentially develop another new mutation, which could cause the need for another vaccine sooner rather than later.

  3. *Gaetz’s “naughty favors”, sounds a hellovalot like what he describes as a “17-year-old ‘woman'”.*

    1. That was probably her stage name or what he put on the Venmo memo line because he’s wily like that. 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Nice try by Gaetz, but he fails to realize he’s not 20 years old anymore. He gets older, but the girls don’t.

  4. Ever look at Gaetz and think that all that hair product might be for his slippery escape plan? It looks extra slick some days.

  5. Did Fratt just Venmo Greenberg $900 to pay for his future cuffing? Don’t worry Matt, we will pick up the tab on that one…

  6. “The CDC” still advises all parents to keep the daughters at least six feet away from Matt Gaetz.😅

    1. Gym Jordan, 45, Rodger Stone, Rudy Rudy, Paul manafort, creepy “45” Jr. Lock them all up and let them keep their good ol’ boy’s club together

    2. @Shane Matthews I’d like to know what the real relationship is with the kid. Kinda weird with the lifestyle I lead!!!

    3. The CDC also warned against getting closer than 60ft of Communist Democrats for fear of people being infected with communists, communism is the the new covid 19 virus

    1. The only “breaking news” I am interested in relation with this story is when Gaetz is in handcuffs.

    2. 👍👍👍 Make sure Gaetz…goes to prison in Florida !!! Bubba…is waiting …for a nice young piece like Matt !!!

  7. Awww, look at who’s all back of the bus now, Greasy Greebo; Giggity Gaetz getting ready to grab a seat too.

    1. Einstein didn’t commit suicide. Independent autopsy proved no way. I think Trump paid someone to do him in. Trump is a wanna be mister.

  8. Matt, guess who’s knocking at your front door….it’s not your mamar or your daddy. Bad boy bad boy watcha gonna do, watcha gonna do when they come for you……how charming.

    1. Bubba said he’s gonna buy him a perty wig,and some spice,a lil hooch,to kick off his new girl friends arrival

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