GOP Rep Who Compared Jan. 6 To ‘Tourist Visit’ Barricaded House Doors

“I believe that Congressman Clyde on January 6th would disagree with the Congressman Clyde of today. And it’s very clear that you have this massive brainwashing within the Republican Party,” says Rep. Ted Lieu on Rep. Clyde downplaying the Capitol insurrection.
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  1. Ahh yes…I remember when my school went to DC on a normal tourist visit. We took turns beating police officers with American flags.

    1. @Mastodon1976 yup – got ’em at your mom’s house – two birds, one stone. Get it? 😉

    2. @Romeo S 🤔He just got married ⁉️😫 Ohhh, how “convenient. We’re NOT impressed NOR bamboozled ‼️💩💩💩

    3. @Romeo S Your history OBVIOUSLY stopped in the 19th Century ‼️ Democrats integrated the Military, in 1948❗ A Southern Democrat, LBJ, signed BOTH Civil Rights Bills and Medicare/Medicaid…….FDR….. Social Security/Unemployment Compensation. Republicans complain about these benefits, then, HYPOCRITICALLY use them. Pitiful, confused ingrates, lacking integrity ‼️😫

  2. Ah yes, I remember going to a committee hearing having to fight my way through a violent mob

  3. Rep Lieu: “It is very clear that you have this massive brainwashing within the GQP.”
    Everyone: “But that would require them to have brains in the first place.”
    Rep Lieu: “I stand corrected.”
    GQP: “Wait, I don’t get it.”

    1. Ominously, I think that is exactly what he was doing. It would be another, even more disgusting reason for him to lie about it now.

    1. I also take note of where the flags are so I can whack the police with them, after they try to stop from me going on my tour.

    2. CALL me CRAZY,but I would ask for directions to sightsee the chambers,maybe see a few Reps. I would’nt NEED to POKE with a FLAGPOLE,CRUSH,or HAMMER THE COPS.

  4. It’s like the GOP doesn’t realize that there is audio and video evidence to disprove their insane lies.

    1. @Brad M there’s also plenty of audio/video of police antagonizing protestors and using the same excessive force being protested, on protestors. There’s enough footage to show that only a small percentage of protestors were actually commiting crimes. Meanwhile, EVERY protestor that entered the Capitol was there illegally from the start, and was using literal textbook terrorism to stop and override the People’s vote certification.

    2. @Brad M the protests were peaceful. Looks like you FAILED learning the difference in kindergarten

    3. @Brad M Don’t condone either examples of violence. Which means the Capitol rioters were still wrong.

  5. Tourists with handcuffs, machine guns, knives, spears, straps, military vests and helmets, flag poles and hockey sticks.

    1. That guy is insane !! The whole world saw it and heard everything. What’s wrong with these people!!!!

  6. So beating Capitol Hill police and shots being fired inside the Capitol is all part of the visitors package to the Capitol?

    1. @Louis Tully Ashi Babbit was breaking the law, by breaching the Capitol, and trying to enter a barricade onto the floor of the Senate, where our leaders were attempting to uphold American democracy. A police officer did his job to protect those inside. She was not a victim.

    2. @TruthSeeker08 She was not innocent…she broke the law by breaching the Capitol. She was trying to climb over a barricade! The officer did his job to protect those inside. If she hadn’t broke the law, and posed as a threat she wouldn’t have been shot.

    3. @David J Yes that is very true. But there was approximately 30,000 and not a shot fired by trump supporters.

    4. @Romance with the Past
      No one cares. They attacked and assaulted multiple Capitol Police Officers. Many were hospitalized, and one lost an eye, and one lost a finger. Many more insurrectionists should have been shot in my opinion. Being attacked by a violent mob of hundreds of people is the textbook justification for the use of deadly force.

    5. @David J This is a list the most currant list Apr 2, 2021. What were the injuries to Capitol Police?

      They ranged from bruises and lacerations to more serious damage such as concussions, rib fractures, burns and even a mild heart attack

      From officer Hodges “They were calling us traitors, shouting at us, telling us to remember our oath, and eventually, they attacked us,” Hodges said. “There was chaos. Someone managed to get his thumb in my eye and start gouging my eye.” The exact nature of Hodges’ injuries is unknown, (but the police officer has made a full recovery.)

      Why did they not stop them at the gate. They should have fired, why did they let them in?

  7. Well if they was peaceful why was the Georgia congressman putting furniture against the door and look like he crapping in his pants

    1. perhaps he was clearing the floor of furniture for the big maga dance party……….
      or he is just a sack of human crotch rot with a mouth.

  8. You don’t forget it. You acknowledge it, you condemn it, you deal with those involved and you move on. gQp fails at being pro America, all the time. They must be rooted out and taken down for this country to move forward.

    1. The question now is what if they over turn the vote as they are planning now in all republicans states

    1. @16 Accounts Removed we would have been better off if Hillary had won and was president

    2. @Senpai Shamblesファースト ピュア why is it my guy? And I wouldn’t call it a win or loss, because they refused a legitimate audit before much of the election tools and ballots were destroyed. Thank God states are passing voter regulation laws.

    3. @Senpai Shamblesファースト ピュア , you don’t even get a version of the home game homie.

    4. stop saying deplorable: they like it, and it’s an insult to deplorable people – they have far more class.

  9. I’m fairly certain that you wouldn’t consider a group of people ( after they smashed through the doors and windows at your house) to be curious neighbors….

    1. They’re insane if they think anyone with two brain cells believes a syllable of the lies spewing from their filthy lips.

      Considering tours at the Capitol have been shut down since April 2020, those clowns had no business going there either way. And the whole world watched that January 6 spectacle, everyone knows what they saw.

    2. @Ryan Nash What facts? There is not a single mention of people being killed at the Capitol in this comment section, you’re confused….. dude go to bed

    3. @Kevin Santich lol I have it screen recording someone differently said that 39 mins ago sit down.

    4. @Ryan Nash You have it “screen recording” and “someone differently said that” Pffff… bed time lil fella

  10. Rep. Andrew Clyde-“It was a normal tour, those that were spraying police in the face with bear mace and bashing their heads with flag poles paid extra.”

  11. The Wizard of Oz said it best: “Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain…”

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