1. How about the BORDER disaster? 50.000 kids in just one month and not counting all the adults and all of them unvaccinated?? Biden stay in you bed and do not leave till 2024! Please! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    1. @BlondeGirlSez This you should go back to bartending I heard aoc will be returning soon. Or wait you would probably be better suited for a stripper pole where you can’t speak with the customers. You know people don’t want to hear political opinions from someone with nothing of value to say

  2. He messed up the border, he caused runaway inflation and he projects weakness to our enemies. He’s a disaster and his deuce is just as bad.

    1. @terry kane How so? Gas prices were lower, unemployment for americans was at its lowest since thr 1970s, he got Kim Jong to stop making nukes, our economy was booming, he destroyed isis. Then magically the last year of his presidency, covid hit from china. Kindof seems like an odd coincidence if you ask me. Hating the man because he wasnt a nice guy is probably the dumbest reason to think he was a bad president.

    1. Headline:
      Kamala Harris Cackles When Asked About Americans in Afghanistan After 7 Die at Kabul Airport

  3. This worldwide witnessed mega fiasco is OWNED by Joe “25th” Biden. His plummeting favorability numbers reflect the FACT the public blames him, not Trump! MSNBC can’t redirect the narrative, never-the-less will continue to gaslight their liberal 🐑.

    1. Did Joe Biden negotiate with the Taliban, or was that Donald Trump who negotiated America’s surrender to the Taliban?

  4. “Biden’s real approval rating when you take out the fake votes, fraud machine algorithms, illegals, dead people and China ballots is closer to 20%.”
    -Wendy Rogers, Arizona

  5. And that is with what everyone knows is a heavily skewed “poll”.
    That means it is waaaay under 50%. Most likely around 30% if it is so high.
    The ratio in like / dislike and comments anywhere comments is still allowed it is clear that Biden is not very popular and could never have won the election.

  6. Thanks Biden…
    Afghan Horror: Woman Reportedly ‘Put on Fire’ After Being Accused of Cooking Poorly for the Taliban

    1. Now now, remember what wise Joe said, those are their ways and customs, we have to respect them and remember they are just different and not worse than other’s customs and ways.

  7. If Joe Biden is not impeached over this debacle then I better not hear Democrats EVER say the word impeachment again no matter who is president or what happens in the future!

  8. It’s not hard for the people at MSNBC to swallow what they have to say now. They could have reported the truth all along it’s too hard now to gain the respect of anyone for MSNBC. They have spewed one lie after another for 4 and 1/2 years

  9. Cornpop is actually a GOOD DUDE .. he just didn’t trust that hairy-legged lifeguard around the children!

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