1. Since all these Countries are upset with the United States then I say WE NEED TO TAKE CARE OF OUR COUNTRY AN LET THEM SOLVE THEIR OWN PROBLEMS !!!

    1. This worldwide mega fiasco is OWNED by Joe “25th” Biden. His plummeting favorability numbers reflect the FACT the public blames him, not Trump! MSNBC can’t redirect the narrative, never-the-less will continue to gaslight their liberal 🐑.

  2. What a Bad Broadcast. Stutteri g, repeating, using the word “like” to much..
    Retorical questions rambeled on and on but.not answered. ( the first woman )

  3. I think Applebaum is way off the mark. There is a gigantic difference between our bases in Japan, Korea and Germany and Afghanistan.

  4. We will never give up support for Taiwan because there are billions of dollars involved and cross country international companies.

  5. “Takes some heat”. That’s cute. He destroys the Middle East. Destroys and abandons Americans and allies via his sheer incompetence…. “Takes some heat.” 🤯

  6. Shout out to George Floyd on fifteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals🖕!

  7. The president said and hoped some 300,000 Afghan army would be enough
    to fight and defend their country from the barbarian Taliban. The fact turned out the army
    DID NOT EVEN FIGHT at all, much less defend their country! They were just a horde of corrupt
    leeches sucking resources from foreign powers and in the end betraying their own people – that’s the tragedy.

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