NBC’s Richard Engel Reports From Active Demonstration In West Bank

Clashes between Palestinians in the West Bank and Israeli forces are escalating after a rocket fired from Gaza killed two Israeli soldiers. NBC News’ chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel reports from Ramallah.  

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Clashes Between Palestinians And Israeli Soldiers Escalate After Attack


  1. He’s a very brave reporter now I said it before and I will say it again this is going to get far more warse before it gets better it could become very apocolyptic and very cataclysmic

    1. @Painter Mike he’s in the Palestinian area want more do you want, that my friend helps to get the whole picture

    2. @Painter Mike the US supports israel with military aid. i’m sure we know how the other side feels. plus he is in fact on one side, telling that sides story.

    1. and I was just complaining about my drive to the office this morning……..i will shut up now

    2. Yeah I can’t believe he’s right there literally on the front line. He’s one brave dude! I see a Pulitzer in his future!

  2. Richard Engle has balls of steal. For so many years he has been reporting from the front lines of conflicts like these.

  3. Going to someone’s home and then telling the world you don’t feel safe. Lightweight.

  4. Fighting the military with sparklers and fire crackers 🎇🎆 and stone throwing??
    Brave or CRAZY😵😵 NOT
    Sure??🤔 🤠👍👏👏👏

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