NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh speaks after Liberal win 1

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh speaks after Liberal win


NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh takes questions in Vancouver, B.C., after Justin Trudeau’s Liberals win a minority government.

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  1. Well it’s back to being the best of buddies with the Liberals and supporting there corrupt ways of governing Canada.
    The relationship being even more closer with the assumption the NDP bank account is pretty well gone!!

  2. We need ranked choice voting in this country. Nobody votes NDP because they worry they’re stealing a vote from the Liberals. That’s why Trudeau made sure to scratch his electoral reform plans

    1. Agreed. Have a hard time seeing this as a democratic system at all. Canada ought to be better than this. How many just don’t vote at all because it feels like the system ignores them? But you are right, nobody voluntarily gives up power.

  3. I am trying to understand why we are overly concerning ourselves with one province. Quebec doesn’t even think they are part of Canada. Why are we even considering them when they can’t even consider the rest of Canada?

    1. Well apparently they were going to withdraw their support for the Libs if they didn’t issue CERB cheques to Canadians whose incomes were affected by the COVID pandemic. They threatened them and the Libs caved.

  4. He should have got more seats than the BQ…..he should put a leader before him and take a seat behind a new leader

  5. The Robin Hood party never changes. Take from the so called rich and give to anyone they want. No difference than the libcons.

  6. Jag was very weak in both language debates.. I voted or his party, yes he is a nice guy, but he lost votes I think because of his spending all his time shooting at libs and cons (both of whom are deplorable).

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