‘All this for that?’ Tom Mulcair on election results similar to 2019

Former NDP Leader Tom Mulcair shares his reactions to the 2021 election results looking similar to the 2019 election.

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  1. I’m calling this the ABC detergent election. Their slogan is “I can’t see the difference. Can YOU see the difference. “

  2. it was all about trudeau and his massive ego….same results….that money could have been used for much better things….shame on him

    1. The 600 mil was borrowed on the backs of taxpayers. By the time it’s actually paid back it’ll be more like 800mil. How many planes full of Afghan supporters would that pay for? Think the 2 michales could have been brought back with that?

  3. Pierre Polivre will be a tremendous leader and he’s got Trudeau’s number.. I think if you call an election and get the same result, you should be forced to resign.. massive waste of money because of Hubris.

    1. Yeah he was so effective during the We charity “scandal” but if they do pick someone as feckless as him it might lead to a Singh government so sure go for it

    1. The governor general should never of allowed TRUDEAU to call an election ,no surprise she is bought as Julie Payette was .

    2. @Denise Thomson I dunno…I suspect Payette’s troubles originated from her not being as ‘bought’ as the Lieberals thought she was. I’m guessing Lieberals feared she would not be sufficiently obedient to call this election (Reybould, all over again). Seemed odd that she was portrayed as some kind of psycho shortly after that bum couchsurfed his way into her cottage

  4. The true losers in this election are the Canadian taxpayers! We’re not happy Justin, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  5. Lol Pierre Poilievre would definitely unite the right vote. An would certainly sway a lot of center folk too. If he becomes leader of the cons he will win. 7 term incumbent an hes only 42 in the most vote participation of any riding at 79% turn out…. The only con to hold his seat in the Ottawa region after 2019?

    “No one out there to match Harper”

    You are wrong Tom.

    1. Too bad he won’t run. He’s declined running starting he doesn’t want to put his family through tough times.

      Don’t know why he is even in politics honestly.

  6. One of the biggest mistakes the NDP made was spending too much time focusing on how bad of a prime minister Trudeau is instead of what they were going to actually do.

    1. Yep. Same for CPC as well. Also, the leader of the NDP continued to make inaccurate and misleading claims about what was within the federal scope of powers. The jumping on the conspiracy train was a particular low point, imo.

  7. I think this is about canada’s economy heading for the toilet due to the pandemic. Trudeau did not want to have to go to the polls with the economy in the toilet. That’s my opinion.

    1. He’s been getting fewer votes in each election under his leadership, so technically we’re moving (however slowly) in the right direction lol

  8. What do you mean “no change”?

    Jody Wilson-Raybould is out of the house

    That was the top item on Justin’s “to do” list

    1. Shocked?…Trudeau was just a ski instructor and taught for brief period. O’Toole was a Search and Rescue Helicopter crew member and then became a lawyer…both professions are bound make you old.

  9. I remember watching the debates with Tom, Harper and Trudeau. I felt Tom was the one who best represented Canada. While Trudeau and Harper were fighting, Tom kept his composure and spoke when he had something to say. I really think we would be in a much better place, financially, personal image. Our country looks like a laughing stock nowadays. Sad to see he isn’t in parliament.

  10. I’m a conservative but I really enjoy hearing Tom Mulcair talking Canadian politics, he should be on more often.

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