Trudeau says that he’s been given a clear mandate by Canadians after winning another minority

Justin Trudeau says that he's been given a clear mandate by Canadians after winning another minority government.

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    1. @GNR1978 FOREVER No. Your is future is stolen, if you don’t see that, you’re probably working for Dupo or taking endless CERB. Money will soon become useless paper and if you do not know how to grow your own food, you are doomed!

  1. He should personally also get the bill for the election. This is so depressing the amount of money he spent on this to achieve nothing.

    1. @Steve I don’t know about you, but I can’t live off $960 every two weeks. Nor can I live off of $500 per week.

    2. @rod lee I get it. I try to take of someone who doesn’t have the discipline or capacity to budget for there food or shelter. My parents are currently doing the same.

  2. Clear mandate? Basically conservative had more total votes and the rest of the country voted for other parties just because they can’t stand trudeau, and liberals got 32 percent of votes mostly from public sector workers, ultimately 70% of Canadians can’t stand to even look at this fool yet here we go again.

    1. @GNR1978 FOREVER haha why would we care how many of you there are? WE DON’T EVEN WANT TO BE IN THE SAME COUNTRY AS YOU.

  3. Another four years of inflation, rising debt, scandals and western alienation. The only back JT got covered is his own.

    1. @Hannibal B Trudeau spent $612 million on an election and only gained 3 seats…. that’s $612 million that won’t go to his degenerate junkie supporters please explain how you view that as a win?

  4. If Trudeau can’t see the division across Canada, he needs glasses and a strong prescription. Not sure where the popular vote will end up but late last night the Conservatives were ahead, again, so to think he has a clear mandate is just typical politician balderdash.

  5. No CEO would gamble and lose $620m of shareholder money in a little over one month and insist he must continue because he isn’t done yet. What?

  6. It’s like in that horror movie, where the main character puts an axe through the door, and yells, “I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack!”

  7. All I hear anymore is “💩💩💩💩💩💩💩”

    The economic collapse is coming… hope you enjoyed your free stuff.

  8. A clear mandate my as&…63% of the Canadian population don’t want anything to do with him. Our entire electoral process needs to be reworked. And the rest of Canada needs to separate from Toronto and Quebec.

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