1. Why is Bloc Quebec the only party not in favor of this motion? Because they will be able to check, research and monitor systemic racism within the RCMP. If such a motion is passed, it will open door to one day research and monitor Quebec’s systemic racism. We all know where this is going: all of Quebec and Canada is well aware of the systemic racism within Quebec and it will be officialized and backed data and Science! The truth must come out.

    1. Too bad Canada is saying racist agendas must continue. In Quebec its even worse there and opening old wounds of racism in the Country will expose many of the ongoing filth in racial profiling, systematic racism and the racist agendas in all of Canada. These refusal of not wanting to talk about racism is racist on its own regardless of the majority votes needed to support or not to support the motion to be tabled. Yes Quebec is a racist province..

    2. @Siyincaba Dube Who’s not talking about racism? EVERYTHING is about this non existent systemic racism these days.

  2. This is why none of these left leaning “leaders” should be in charge. Policies, laws, amendments, reform, whatever you want to call it, should not be made in haste because of pressure or feelings.

  3. “If you don’t agree with me you’re racist”… this is getting pretty old. This virtue signaling and hypocrisy is appalling.

  4. Quebec is the most racist province in Canada by far. If you don’t speak French they will not even talk to you. Now the waste so much taxpayers money. On French signs all over Canada but no English on any sign in Quebec. Why not.

  5. I appreciate him standing up. Being a voice for the voiceless, of course with ‘love & courage’.
    – walk it like I…

  6. there will be wars and rumors of war but it is not the end yet only beginning of sorrows, your leaders will see to it. beware.

  7. It’s my opinion that he’s gotta be the most honest of all of them. They kicked him out for speaking some truth. Through this whole pandemic he’s been the one to actually ask for actions that would legitimately help Canadians while the liberals tried to seek extra powers, the conservatives demanded to impose penalties and stop spending, and the others just kinda stood there listening to the banter between the 3 vocal parties.

  8. C’est toi qui es raciste contre les Québécois si tu nous acceptes pas comme on est mon cher

  9. I don’t like most of his policies and ideas but I appreciate how passionate he is against racism.

  10. The RCMP is so racist they give preference to visible minorities and women when hiring recruits. Little jagmeet outta shut the hell up…

  11. The koolaid has overcome you. If you watch the full video you will see the full story. If you support the chief in his actions then you are complicit in his criminal behavior.

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