1. @Brad Haaf You mean like giving 400 million to Brafasco to help them reduce their reliance on coal? A company worth 5 Billion Dollars..

  1. Hey it’s that guy who lost half of his parties seats in the last national election and he’s still employed. The wonders never cease.

  2. We must have a huge money tree behind the Parliament buildings
    We can’t afford Medicare in it’s present model! We are borrowing billions of dollars to keep the present model going in Canada!!!!
    We are now $1.1trillion in debt! Never a discussion of how to pay for all these programs!!!

    1. If you actually did a quick research on YouTube, type universal pharmacare, you will see the Liberals own doctor saying we would save money if we implanted universal pharmacare

    2. Since you sound like you know the solution why don’t you come up with a solution. Without that you are just another empty fart with nothing to offer.

  3. My Blue Cross for my wife and I is $400 a month, how in the hell is the taxpayers going to pay what it would cost to give everyone free medication coverage?

    1. The same way we pay for the rest of our healthcare. Using a tiny portion of our taxes, we’ll no longer have to pay ridiculous upfront fees.

    2. The gov can negotiate through buying power just like they do for purchasing drugs under ODB (for Ontario).

  4. singh rubs off as a phoney i mean look how many photo ops he’s been in already, he’s just as bad as Trudeau

    1. There’s a safe and affordable medication with little to no side affects that would significantly improve her quality of life, ability to care for her children and family, and her ability to earn money and therefor contribute to both the economy and government via taxes, and has the potential to get her off welfare/disability. And your response is “You’re old you deserve to suffer”? What is wrong with you? Not only is it disgustingly immoral but also extremely fiscally irresponsible, you’re suggesting we throw away hundreds of thousands of dollars whilst condemning a mother to a life of unnecessary pain. Use your brain please!

  5. There oughta be a law. Grandstanding is a NDP specialty. They’re little more than a one trick pony. The only thing mentioned when how to afford paying for anything is mentioned is their lament :If the tax cheats among the rich would pay their fair share we’d have tons and tons of money.

  6. Classic! All this money just falling from the heavens!
    Talk about out of touch.
    So rather than encourage big business, which pays these benefits to their employers; He forces them to leave through over taxation…

  7. Won’t that just make pharma companies jack the price since they government guarantees it? Whatever. I guess our kids will just pay for it.

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