1. @gerry gerry What science, find me scientific facts that aren’t dependent on gov money! I can prove it’s the opposite, that all this is money and power, not people’s livelihood and health.

    2. @gerry gerry Science? Like the science J&J promoted when they hid the fact that they had asbestos contamination in their baby powder causing Ovarian cancer for over 30 years? They hid this into the early 2000s, recent memory bud. It wasn’t financially lucrative for them to either fix the Asbestos problem or come forward to their consumers about the contamination.

      You’re not a follower of Science. You’re a religious zealot. There’s no “science” involved in unapproved experimental medicines. You should learn what the Scientific Method is. Believing everything any Doctor claims is no where in it.

    1. @Howdyah Workthisthing? clearly you are on the east coast. 😂 Only milk that comes in a bag out here comes from the rigs.

    1. @ThisJustin The best part is they’ll throw you into prison while releasing violent criminals because “muh covid spread in Prisons”.

  1. Why didn’t they spend a billion dollars to build a new hospital so that we didn’t have to use fascism?

    1. What’s The definition of fascism? While you’re at it, look up covidiot, tell me the definition of that

    2. Why didn’t you spend 5 seconds googling the definition of fascism? You might’ve been able to use it correctly

    3. @James Murphy they can’t hire doctors or even nurses because Ford cut billion from healthcare & more cut coming from other services. Same when Ford cut the Autism program now families are struggling with their dock kids

    1. @Zoykzmc You don’t pay dentists with your money to pay Dentists to advise you to brush your teeth..

    2. @Zoykzmc There’s a differnerce in trying to convince and blantly forcing. Open your eyes, come on really.

    3. @Marlene Pettinella I pay for their expertise because I realize that they know more than me on the subject. If them telling me to brush my teeth is part of their expertise then yes, I am paying for that

    1. @SigiNorth you can still buy MORE STUFF with that same $8.00 than you can today. says a lot of about VALUE and not just numbers. it’s like saying you have $1 mil canadough $ but inflation is so high an 8 oz cup of coffee will cost you $500k. think that’s worth it?

    1. Haven’t seen a failure this explosive since Michael Ignatieff lost 3% support, and threatened Canadians with another 4 year lockout. The next week he lost 38% support lol.

  2. This is the result of no vetting process in Canada. Failed math skills and underachievers now imposing their will on the rest .

    1. @Jeff Anderson Just someone I served in the infantry with back in 2010 that has your identical name.

  3. O noooooo, Liberals are once again taking tax payer’s money and handing out to provinces to flush down the toilet.

  4. So he says he’s against a vax pass then turns around and bribes provinces to impose vax passes. This guy is so immoral he won’t even take responsibility for what he wants to force on every Canadian.

  5. Liberals vow to spend any amount of money, and pander to any audience who will listen to get re-elected.

  6. What a liar, if he cared so much about the COVID pandemic why did he call an election through phase 4!???

  7. What a loon, worried about his 7 year old not getting an experimental medicine. Keep this fool away from my 3 children.

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