Neal Katyal: House Managers’ Presentations Opposite Of Trump Lawyers’ ‘Horror Show’ | MSNBC

Neal Katyal: House Managers' Presentations Opposite Of Trump Lawyers' 'Horror Show' | MSNBC 1


    1. The GOP is afraid of losing his base (an very apt name, in this case), so they hope to be re-elected without offending that block of voters. I think many Republican voters are, and will be re-thinking their party and elected officials.

    2. @NOT SURE he’s a 45 supporter he doesn’t get paid cause 45 doesn’t pay for anything just ask 💩 dripping Giuliani.

    3. @John Browneyes You have a better shot of Ed McMahon knocking at your door with a Cheque from Publishers Clearinghouse then you would hear any Condolences from them.

  1. Lets put trump in front of an actual jury not a bunch of his friends how can Co conspirators be jurors.. America is a world laughing stock

    1. @clinton mc keon I’d say by you using the terms “your constitution” i get the impression your not American , by your use of the words dickhead and mate I imagine your likely British or Irish , your name suggests likely Scottish or Irish more accurately, but I’d probably sway with Irish . Learn a little about America before spouting off bud . It’ll help you articulate a more persuasive argument and not just little sound bites you heard from
      Some liberal

    2. @N W Irish. I don’t waist to much time articulating to lost cause.. But I’ll give u an a for observation.. If only you applied this level of scrutiny to trump we would never have needed to encounter each other

    1. That is sad, because if they did they’d be surprised just how empathy is when you are wrong and the opposite side actually understands how you went wrong.

    2. Starting to see? It’s been evident they, as in 24 GOP members, have been in on the planning from the start in July.

    1. Americans live in a very small world, its them and them alone. They don’t give a crap about the rest of us. Maybe we should take their lead and look away as they implode. The whole thing is disgusting.

  2. Are we surprised Trump and the GOP has been a clown show for 4years so of course he would hire clown lawyers remember he only hires the best ppl 🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. Trump has a history of not paying the people he hires. The ineptitude of the Trump lawyers in this impeachment trial shows that you get what you pay for–or not, given Trump’s history of penury.

    1. @Ron & Peggy Forgette I’m sure he knew what elements were in the crowd- do ‘you people’ get that they brought baseball bats, bear spray, batons, helmets, vests, and all manner of violent tools?

  3. Baby Cheesus’s lawyers don’t care because they know he’ll never pay them and the Church of Baby Cheesus will acquit him again, destroying impeachment as a tool of checks and balances in the process. Time for future sitting Presidents to be indicted if they commit crimes.

  4. The Republican Party Platform is now; We See no Truth, we Seek no Truth, and we Speak no Truth. See, Seek, Speak no Truth.
    They replaced the Elephant with a Turtle with a Shell they can hide in.

  5. All are impressive, but Stacey Plaskett is singularly impressive. THAT is how you speak truth to power! Thank you Mrs. Delegate, thank you.

    1. The difference in the level of competence and conviction between the Impeachment managers and the Stable Genius’ clown car of idiots is quite striking. 🤔😅😂

    1. He never had good intentions toward Americans, that was evident with the handling of COVID, he want to hide in the office of the presidency to evade the penalty criminal activity he would face as a citizen. He certainly didn’t care if he destroyed a democracy of over 200 years to do whatever it took to remain in office.

  6. And yet despite all the logic and actual facts the GOP goons will just acquit him because they can’t condemn their own cult leader they agree with. A lot of GOP member actually wanted to get rid of democracy and rule “forever”.

  7. All I’m going to say after watching the evidence, and as a retired law enforcement officer….I hate that SOB deeply!

    1. Thank God somebody has the guts to say something like that because I’m so angry that these idiots don’t don’t and can’t see or won’t see the evidence it’s right in front of their faces as billions of people are watching all around the country crazy

    2. His supporters should be angry because he used them, they will face punishment and he won’t, he will just move on.

  8. With all the evidence that is being submitted by the Dems,there should be only one decision made and that is,to convict Trump.Most of the GOP won’t however and they will pay dearly for that decision.They have already been split in two and those that remain faithful to the Conman will be judged harshly by the majority.

  9. “if a political party does not have its foundation in the determination to advance a cause that is right and that is moral, then it is not a political party; it is merely a conspiracy to seize power.”
    – President Dwight D. Eisenhower, March 6, 1956

  10. Donnie, was never going to be happy until blood was shed in his name! The idiots did it and he was gleefully happy!

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