Neil deGrasse Tyson explains 'ring of fire' solar eclipse 1

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse


Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson talks to CNN’s John Berman about the solar eclipse, the government seriously investigating UFO’s and comments by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) about moving the moon to combat climate change.

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    1. @SuperThunderGoodGuy no he said it he gave a lecture on the Brooklyn bridge I want to see a video of it do you think someone would have taken one and posted it

    1. Tyson makes a great point about the UFO’s. If people think they are aliens, believe what you like but it’s highly unlikely you are right

    2. Objects moving at hypersonic velocity turning at 90° turns Technology a thousand years ahead of ours.
      Yep that means there’s no proof.

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  1. Carl Sagan had the right idea. Presumably these aliens are more advanced than we are. Why would they travel hundreds of light years across the galaxy so they could watch Jerry Springer?

    1. Sagan was a man who really made sense. Wish more people had more critical thinking like these scientist

    2. The nearest star is 4.5 light years away, 4.5 years’ travel time at light speed, the fastest anything can go through space. The fastest thing we’ve ever made would take tens of thousands of years to get there. To go faster, you’d have to warp space/time itself. While that’s theoretically possible, we’re nowhere close to developing the many super-advanced technologies required for it. It takes supernovae and collisions between black holes and neutron stars to even cause a slight ripple in space/time.

      I’m pretty sure a warp drive would require “laying down the tracks” first, like a train needs a station at which to arrive. The “station” wouldn’t necessarily have to be built in space. If it was, it would obviously be made specifically for going to Earth.

      People look to the sky for aliens, but it’s just as likely they’d arrive ON Earth, in which case they wouldn’t be hiding the “station” in the big sky. If the “tracks” did end in the sky, they probably couldn’t hide that construction project either, and they would have to work out how to get both the “station” and the spacecraft orbiting at right speed and altitude.

      Because of the light speed limit, no alien species farther than roughly 100 light years away could even confirm that there is intelligent life on Earth. We didn’t start leaking waves into space until we invented radio. The best they could possibly do is to confirm the possibility that there’s any kind of life here at all by analyzing the light. Any alien species more than 4.6 billion light years away couldn’t detect Earth because it didn’t exist before then.

      An interstellar spacecraft built to enter Earth’s atmosphere would have to be designed either specifically for Earth’s gravity and atmosphere, or be super-advanced enough to work for a variety of planets.

      Those things beg a lot of questions. How advanced are the aliens? Can any aliens become as advanced as required in the 13.7 billion years the universe has existed? If intelligent aliens exist, the chance there is life elsewhere goes WAY up, so of all of the trillions of planets, why Earth?

      If they’re advanced enough to design spacecraft versatile enough to explore a variety of planets, they’d have to know there ARE a variety of planets with life on them. In that case, why would choose us to visit? Earth would just be like a jungle or forrest full of stupid creatures to them.

      Do they want to make contact with us or just go on a nature tour? Even with the technology, do they have the fuel, time, and equipment to explore wherever they want?

      If they can manipulate space/time, they can manipulate time, ie., build a time machine. When people think about time machines, do they usually think, “I can travel to the stars with it”? No, they think, “I can travel to different time periods on Earth.”

      This is why I question people who say they saw a UFO that they’re sure was an alien craft. They never ask these questions, or they wouldn’t be so sure. They skip over all of that and start jumping to conclusions about what the government must be hiding, and neglect to ask relevant questions about THAT, too.

    3. @J Groovy maybe aliens visit earth because this an exotic planet of immense natural wonder. Like a living laboratory of established gorgeous and diverse species! Maybe we’re not appreciating it, because we don’t know anything else and have taken its beauties and wonders for granted!

    4. @J Groovy I agree and even than with the fastest technology humans have. To reach the closet star would take tens of thousands of years.

  2. How can people see this and, still believe in a flat earth?. Loved Greta Thunberg’s T shirt for a flat Mars society

    1. People are entitled to believe what they want. Your the one believes anything the government tells you. I guess your an astronaut an you’ve been to the moon. I’ll wait

  3. There are really big numbers in astronomy. None of which would be big enough to describe Gohmert’s stupidity.

  4. Maybe it will be easier cutting out greenhouse gasses like moving away from fossil fuels than changing the orbits of large celestial bodies

    Just saying

  5. I believe in Alien life but I don’t believe that they are coming here without contacting us.

  6. Good answers on UFO’s & Climate change: Address the glitch in the hardware & focus on prevention.

  7. Moon goes infront of sun, moon smaller than sun, rest of sun peaks out from behind moon and makes ring of fire.

    Did I win?

    1. No, not quite.
      The Moon will cover the size of the Sun’s surface from our perspective, but the ring of fire is actually the corona from the Sun’s heat.
      Although, this will not be true in a million years or so because the Moon is slowly getting farther away a few inches a year.

  8. Even when faced with a bat $&/! crazy concept, Neil DeGrasse Tyson answers with grace, without belittling. Just brilliant!

  9. Louie Gohmert should give Space Force a call with his question. Was he homeschooled by an evangelical?

  10. The last few seconds where he said to address the problem rather than come up with new solutions was typical Neil haha. But totally makes sense, go after the fossil fuel people!

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