1. You mean like when the “white shoe boys” of the big banks are stealing legally?
    Just like when Alexander The Great accused a pirate of stealing locally, while the pirate accused Alexander of stealing globally.

  2. The dinosaurs were big and powerful and ruled the world for a long time, but look at what’s left of them now

  3. It’s also a transparent, distributed ledger system that records everything and is immutable. Way better for policing “users” in the long term.

    1. @John Doe technobabble? And just because I understand the tech doesnt mean I promote it. I’m pretty agnostic about humans choose to destroy civilization. Its merely comical to me how shallow these debates are. Most people buying into the crypto-hype at the moment might not actually want the world they are trying to invest into existence.

    2. I could be wrong, but my understanding is that some of the more recent blockchains are, in fact, anonymous. Bitcoin’s blockchain isn’t anonymous AFAIK, which is why they were able to find the wallet containing the ransom (would appreciate a correction if I’m off-base). Demanding ransom payment via currencies implemented with blockchains that hinder transaction flow tracing seems a possibility, no?

      EDIT: Rather than “hinder transaction flow tracing” it’s probably more accurate to describe this as obfuscating links between transactions and identities…

  4. The US has never taken Cyber Security seriously.
    We are practically giving everything away.

    1. I wonder what happened with Solarwinds and Equifax’s bosses, considering at least on the equifax one there was an internal push to improve security, and in regards to solarwinds, the password that got leaked was so stupidly easy it was likely used by a higher management boss who shouldn’t have any other permission beyond reading (the password was solarwinds123)

    2. @Ex democrat.
      Uncle Joe cruises the jungle gym circuit for toddler bootie after he spews fabricated lies for the devils legion

  5. The Dutch government has a standing policy to never pay a ransom.
    In the long run, it makes them much less of a target.

    1. governments usually dont, but corporations have more narrow responsibilities, and no ethics and morals beside making more money. If paying ransom is saving them more money in the end they pay without giving another thought

  6. And it also pisses the central banks off. Good!!! They are on their way out, people. Our parasites are soon to be eliminated with their end.

  7. So does the internet itself. Should we ban that too, Mr. runs a company that relies on the internet for their business model?

    1. @Jonathan Peter D•M W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P

      +•1•(9•1•7)•9•6•0• •23•9•4

    2. Yeah
      My first investment with Mr Mark Jonathan made me a profit of over $24,320 and ever since then he has been delivering

  8. I love Apple’s new marketing push for “privacy”. Like trusting the wolf for chicken security.

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