Report finds police did not clear protesters for Trump’s visit

The US Park Police did not clear racial injustice protesters from Lafayette Park to allow for then-President Donald Trump's march to St. John's Church last June, but instead did so to allow a contractor to install a fence safely around the White House, according to a new inspector general report.
The Park Police had the authority to clear protesters during last summer's clash outside the White House, according to the report released by the Interior Department's inspector general on Wednesday.
Last summer, federal law enforcement agents, including Park Police, clashed with protesters near Lafayette Square, a park across the street from the White House traditionally used for peaceful protests and demonstrations.
The protesters were forcefully cleared just prior to Trump's controversial photo at a nearby church, where he held up a Bible after he had declared himself the "law and order" President.
But, according to the watchdog's report, "The evidence we obtained did not support a finding that the USPP cleared the park to allow the President to survey the damage and walk to St. John's Church."
The response from law enforcement during the 2020 Lafayette Square incident has been a major source of contention, as Democratic lawmakers have pushed for information about who gave the order to clear the park, which federal agencies were involved and what measures and authorizations were used.
This new report, although limited in scope, provides insight into the decision-making behind one of the federal law enforcement entities involved. Other government agencies have undertaken separate reviews of the law enforcement response to protests last summer, which could offer a fuller picture of what happened that day.
The inspector general's report specifically reviewed actions taken by the Park Police, which falls under the Interior Department's jurisdiction through the National Park Service. The inspector general's investigation was conducted at the request of then-Interior Secretary David Bernhardt and lawmakers.
The narrow scope of this review meant that the investigators were mainly focused on Park Police operations, and they sought information from those outside of the Park Police only "when doing so would provide us with information about the USPP's activities," the report said.
As part of the review into Park Police operations, the watchdog therefore "did not seek to interview Attorney General William Barr, White House personnel, Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) officers, MPD personnel, or Secret Service personnel regarding their independent decisions that did not involve the USPP."
CNN previously reported that Barr had ordered authorities to clear the crowd of protesters, according to a Justice Department official, minutes ahead of a televised address by Trump from the Rose Garden. Barr later sought to distance himself, saying he had not given the final order to clear the demonstration even as the White House placed the decision on his shoulders amid the fallout.
Barr was not interviewed for the report, and the inspector general notes that they found the attorney general's visit to Lafayette Park did not change the Park Police's plans to clear the park.
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  1. Department Of Interior: ‘This does not imply guilt’, however, we can confirm that bears do indeed sh*t in the woods.

    1. Btw Remember Chinese News Network CNN was encouraging B. Criminals Matters Movement anarchist to Attack the People’s white ,, 🤯

    2. @Dittzx no that’s when an insurrection happened at the white house hundreds of insurrectionist stormed the white house so he went to bunker like the representatives did at capital

  2. They supposedly had another reason to clear it but still rushed to do it earlier for Trump. How is that any better?

    1. It wasn’t trump who decided to clear them is the point. How is that so hard for you to see exactly?

    1. @m crestwood it’s not the demoncrats that are idiots. It’s those that take their word as gospel!

    2. @Chadillac they still won’t believe it though! Sheep only believe in what their told by other sheep

    3. @John Simpson can’t even imagine the mess of a doj Pres Biden inherited from djt,it will take a while to sort that out but yeah in the meantime I get really sick and tired of him trying to play bipartisan with the current crop of the gop

  3. How come they didn’t make this statement at the time? Why couldn’t they erect the fence after the curfew? Don’t they have lighting? This is so much bulls**t. Hadn’t Trump just a day or two earlier say “You have to dominate the protesters”? Another coincidence?

    1. @Bonani Mathambo I don’t believe them now. I saw what happened. They didn’t use tear gas but another police force close by did. Rriigghhtt.

    1. *MiKe Bryant, a CoWard SOD O Mite, who wouLd Never*
      *TaLk it’s CoWard TaLk to my Face!!!*
      *Robert Martyr; 1318 SE YamHiLL; PortLand*

    2. *MiKe Bryant, a CoWard SOD O Mite, who wouLd Never*
      *TaLk it’s CoWard TaLk to my Face!!!*
      *Robert Martyr; 1318 SE YamHiLL; PortLand*

    3. *MiKe Bryant, a CoWard SOD O Mite, who wouLd Never*
      *TaLk it’s CoWard TaLk to my Face!!!*
      *Robert Martyr; 1318 SE YamHiLL; PortLand*

    4. *Boston Beans; The ChiLd MO Lester=> Mike Bryant, is ActuALLy, Right,*
      *About your Excessive Use of ALL CAPS!!!!*
      *Try this==> (Why would we EXPECT the Report to TeLL the TRUTH???)*

  4. If they are going to cover up and lie I’d think they could come up with something better than that. That’s just unbelievable.

    1. @Bill Jones Democrats are still embarrassed by how stupid Trump made them look and it’s still happening!!!! Look at the boeder,inflation and the economy. Veggie Biden couldn’t even pick a running mate that wasn’t a laughing stock. Kacklin Kamaltoe!!!! Hahahahhaha

    2. @curtis wilson We are still waiting for the russia collusion bomb to drop. We were told they had the hard evidence everyday for 4 yrs and the walls were closing in on trump and you want to wet your pants over a so called lawsuit that you heard about on the Clowns News Network 🤣🤣🤣you poor simple Bozo 🤡

    1. Most violence during the BLM protest originated from the police. Now, the “establishment” is white washing itself. Disgusting.

    1. Well, the contractor wasn’t getting paid, so …
      Trump went into the park right after they blasted the AMERICAN PEOPLE out of the park.
      Concerned about violence… THEIR OWN? What, concerned they wouldn’t be violent enough?
      Does it matter WHO fired TEAR GAS, FLASH BANGS “RUBBER” BULLETS (ever felt one shot at you?)? Does it matter WHAT the “stated purpose” for firing on AMERICAN PEOPLE was? Does it matter or FOR WHOM they CLAIM they fired, dozens and dozens of times, unprovoked? Why wouldn’t a violent mob invading OUR UNITED STATES CAPITOL BUILDING, Invading Congress, draw ONE can of tear gas, flash bang, or rubber bullet (ok, one real bullet, I DO NOT want that either).
      This report is a flacid joke.

    2. @Alan Izat While I share your sentiments Alan, English-speaking clicks earn spammers as much as Vietnamese-speaking clicks. Until YouTube changes its reward structure, and/or auto-deletes comments from known spam accounts, these comment sections will remain the trash heaps that they are 🙁 Anyway, have a nice day!

  5. “We investigated ourselves and found no wrongdoing.”

    “Trump just MAGICALLY happened to take photos, afterward…”

    1. Sorry to write this and distract you from burning the flag or propping up some loser politician but I just want you to know that your wacky. That is all.

  6. Funny thing is we have something called video documentation. We saw what we saw and who strolled through as soon as the protestors were cleared.

    1. @Marc Lewis And that miraculously went to this hushed action MINUTES before the orange blobfish went to his foto op?
      Who’s blind to facts here? Looks like you do not want to admit reality and hide behind platitudes about riots, riots that were NOT obvious at that place at that hour.

    2. @Ugly German Truths so there was riots for days there. They tried to burn down church. And you don’t think a president is going to clear it just cause their not trying burn it down at that time.

    3. @Marc Lewis well if that doesn’t warrant tear gasing peaceful protesters not in the act of rioting and setting a church on fire, coincidentally immediately followed by tRump waddling over to have his picture taken, then I don’t know what does.

    4. @John Simpson so you also believe they used tear gas for tRumps photo op. thanks for confirming.

  7. lie, after lie after lie , someone needs to tell them only about 30% of trumptraitors believe their lies.

    1. Don nawzd – Hiw so? You do know they report what people say and what they see, right? You hyper-media bashers seem to think the media always know the empirical truth and report otherwise.

    2. @Theo Ford – that feeling you have is called cognitive dissonance. Now you know what we all know. You are the enemy. You are the bad guy.. you are the liar.
      Are you going to tell me that you honestly believed that Trump had the protesters removed for a photo of and that the protesters were peaceful. The church was on fire

  8. [BUMP]
    “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final most essential command.”
    —George Orwell, _1984_

    1. @R Wags it’s not true though. America is the greatest country to ever exist. It’s why millions of people risk their lives to travel here illegally every single year. A lot of democrats in America were born here and have been spoiled. Its why the vast majority of legal immigrants who come here turn vote republican. Because they love America and they know the situations they fled are much worse. Just like my family. These America hating liberals wouldn’t last 6 hours in my home country. They’d be found curled up in the fetal position under a rock begging to come back.

  9. Child, “Mom! I didn’t steal a cookie, I was protecting it from little Timmy… in my tummy.” #BullshitFlag

  10. “Teflon Don” — it blows my mind how much of nothing sticks to that man. This, and now the DOJ defending him in a defamation lawsuit. All I want is justice, when is that going to happen?

    1. Vindication is now. As you can tell these fake reporters are still trying not to accept it. I seriously used to think it was just Fox News that was full of crap. Mainstream media and I mean all of it is trash. Somebody on one side of the spectrum wants to hear what they want to hear they know where to go and vice versa

    2. No all you want is to be one sided. Dont care who the President is we need to.back him up. 100% or live in a. Country without the freedoms

    3. The GOP, with Trump as their steroid, has been using the simple, yet effective strategy of GRIEVANCE politics.

      They don’t care about engaging with the opposition. Everyone is angry and stressed about something – often angry with themselves. Then they tell them, “It’s the OTHERS among you who are causing your grief, and only we stand between you and their attempts to destroy you.”

      Then their base thinks, “Yeah, I’m not mad about my job, my wife, or my crappy car. It certainly can’t be MY own fault. It’s the liberals! Those elite liberals on the coasts where the grass is greener.”

      They give the GOP a free pass to do whatever they want, and don’t care if Republicans are working for them effectively or even if they’re being lied to, because to them anything is better than those “evil” Democrats and the “evil” media.

      Any solution must include knowledge of how things actually work – Like how a news story is developed from conception to birth. What an agency does and whether it’s inherently political or not. How voting machines and vote tallying works. The difference between politics and governing. Why a virology lab exists in Wuhan…

      The level of ignorance in America is astounding, and those who abuse power depend on that ignorance.

  11. Our eyes: Police assaulting and tear gassing protesters to make way for Trump’s photo op.

    “Official” report: “Nuh uh!”

    1. @Jacob Calham I guess you’re talking about something completely different this discussion in my opinion was when they cleared the peaceful protesters and that’s when Lucifer came in and held up the Bible backwards and upside down. You obviously must be talking about something else in which there was violence first and therefore gassing was necessary. Just tell me if you think trump will be reinstated in August?

    2. @Bill Clark How many policemen were injured during the insurrection? How many died? If by insurrection, you mean the disturbance on 1/6 I would guess around 140 injured, and one died of a stroke the following day. I am not sure how many officers were injured during BLM riots but I would guess substantially more were injured, 30 people were killed including 6 officers, so BLM is a very long way in the lead for killings and injurings. None of my friends had anything to do with the 1/6 event. I don’t live in the US, or know anyone there.

      Do you have a link to a photo or video with Trump holding a bible upside down? In all the photos I saw he was holding it the right way. And what else was he doing, was he vomiting ectoplasm? Swiveling his head around 360 degrees? Was there a smell of sulfur?

      No I don’t believe it is likely Trump will be re-instated in August, he probably just said that to keep people interested.

    3. So the orange taint actually announced going to a “special place” while the police were ‘clearing’ the park. It was a total setup pre-planned by trump and barr so they could “flex” their muscles. Precursor to 6 Jan 21.

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