1. @Stickingimp Pigs Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe has stated on the record that UFOs are showing an advanced level of technology that the US military simply cannot match according to multiple sensor platforms = you were saying something ?

    1. @Seymour Butts You can thank Bill Richardson (and NM taxpayers) for the commercial spaceport.

  1. The UFO are high school students from the future with an assignment from their teacher. That we see them more, is worrying, because we must be living in interesting times.

    1. Neil ” Denial ” Tyson still can not accept the UFO evidence from the US Navy and Pentagon. That is not True science Neil – True science is exploring All the evidence not matter where that leads.

  2. Finally a voice of reason. “We did this 60 years ago,” but I’m glad he appreciates the engineering. The navy footage, “just because you don’t know what it is doesn’t mean you know.”

    1. @Soundtracked Well first of all Tyson has never ridiculed or dismissed the possibility of aliens. He did that to the certainty of idiots, such as yourself, that aliens are here with no evidence.

    2. @jon pork In any case, I am not certain aliens are here. The reason you were certain that I was certain was your bias, the same reason “idiots” believe UFOs are aliens and the same reason NDT mocks the alien hypothesis, (and he does ridicule and dismiss it). None of us knows if UFOs are alien or not (or even what the chances are). That includes me, you, and NDT.

    3. ​@Kronos Blade NDT is not unique when it comes to scientists. Isaac Newton’s arrogance and ego was terrific. Reading scientific debates from history, such as on plate tectonics, the ether, bioelectricity, etc. helps put Neil into context for the current debate going on around UFOs.

  3. bezos is actually hand delivering the first package ordered by aliens
    The discount they got was out of this world 🥁

    1. Joe Biden was in 3 states today- confusion, unconsciousness and disorientation. 😂

    2. @Lilly Patrick hope that make you feel good. Trump is the greatest. Joey is just below average and low information

  4. Neil deGrasse Tyson got it in one. A LOT of engineering had to go into these new plane / rocket / whatever. That engineering, as the engineering in the decade leading up to sending astronauts to the moon and returning them safely to earth, will benefits mankind. That alone gets my support. Let the billionaires play and hope they don’t die in the process.


    2. You are missing what they are saying. Sometimes God can use people to show things. I honor him at first I was like you. But this was this man’s dream. And what he teaching young people is this you can do and be whatever you want. 2 I saw him do an interview and I love what he said about taken care of the planet. With people going up there just might teach people that there is a God and he created this planet for us not for us to destroy it. That is what I am getting out of it. And plus this was his own money.

  5. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, the one & only man that can do a CNN interview professionally with a cosmic Zoom background😂

    1. Obama’s ex-White House ethics chief calls Biden artwork arrangement ‘perfect mechanism for funneling bribes’

  6. ´´We are on earth and, earth is in space “ think about this and the whole fuss about flying to space 😂

    1. @Gary Citro I’m not one for being divided and conquered like you regular sheepturds. I use critical thinking.

    2. @Wake Up. Na. You’re just looking for alternatives rather than the truth. You’re basically deceiving yourself because of either how confused you are, your reluctance to accept consensus, or blatant ignorance due to what you perceive as agenda based science which can easily be proven by putting an action figure on a record player. Your only rebuttal is “they” are deceiving us but never mentioning to what end.

    3. Obama’s ex-White House ethics chief calls Biden artwork arrangement ‘perfect mechanism for funneling bribes’

    1. how astute…george clinton at least offered a lIl bit of groove before he sold out to the NWO..

    1. @Stickingimp Pigs Do hybrid demon children only take a day to mature? I have been breeding mine all wrong then.

    1. It’s a valid complaint, but the regulations don’t exist on that kind of thing. Given the devastating reality of what’s happening on earth, investing in getting a space tourism economy going is not exactly a sign of good priorities. There’s very little cross-fertilisation of useful technology for dealing with actual problems derived from the work that goes into getting rich people into space more easily.

    2. Stupid statement. Once we have killed the planet its people like this that make it possible that we have technology to leave one day if we don’t heal Earth.

    3. Some day they’ll use those rockets to go get a clean source of energy from another planet. There will be likely be life on that planet as well and we’ll create clones of their intelligent life and upload our consiousness into their brains so we can breath their air and communicate better with the native creatures of those planets.

  7. Neil is probably one of the most inspiring people to ever teach. Aside from his popularity he genuinely loves it no matter who’s watching

    1. yes he sure is. and he can explain the most complicated theories in a humorous way that make it easier, (not easy), to understand.

  8. Common transportation technology such as plains, trains, and cars were originally toys for the rich then economies of scale brought them down for the rest of us.

    1. Curiosity killed the cat! We can only hope. Good luck out there. I’ll take San Tropez…anyday!

  9. He didn’t even go in space that’s like me saying I’m going to Europe get close enough in a plane to see it and turn around

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