NEPA Finds Contaminants in Rio Cobre | TVJ News - August 3 2021 1

NEPA Finds Contaminants in Rio Cobre | TVJ News – August 3 2021


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  1. A sell out fi real…Dem know what they were doing…The people who av money always get weh wid blu murda…All dem will get is a slap on the wrist…

  2. Unnu no see wa really a gwaan. Steal. Kill. And total destruction. How do you take full control of lands that you want?? Poison the ppls water sources. Where are the tainos now that use to inhabit Jamaica? I tell ppl that just like how we go to museums to view the tainos, that’s how ppl will soon go to view the present Jamaican inhabitants.

  3. But a bay armored catfish mi see in di River, those are invasive species, no good to be eaten, thank you windalco for taking care of them.

    1. They can be eaten. I have seen them eaten in Guyana, they call it hassa. It is a type of shell fish just like the sea ones that we call buck-buck in Jamaica. They are not evasive, they clean the river from morass. Dont you think if the chemical affected them it also affects all the other lifeforms in the river? SMH.

  4. Know one should touch the fishes we don’t know what that is…. Remembered we are in a pandemic.

  5. The Government needs to step in and do something. Sooner or later Jamaica will have nothing left. These companies are destroying our beautiful Island

  6. And there can be no cover up and sell out please this is serious the river is going straight to the sea my god people how wicked.

  7. Jamaica is fast becoming Haiti there are no government out there and everyone know Andre holnes government is for the rich not the poor

  8. They have one matter in court for the same reason and it hasn’t bin resolved and here the same thing happened again clearly the law is not being enforced on these companies.

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