Never-before-seen images inside Putin’s lavish, secret home

Roman Badanin, an independent Russian journalist who left Russia after facing the threat of a prison sentence, discusses his investigation into Russian President Vladimir Putin's secret, lavish lifestyle. #CNN #News


  1. He pretends to be so modest and humble but in reality having his personal train stations show otherwise!

  2. Remind you of anyone else? Pretends to be all about fighting for the working class, lives with a gold toilet…

    1. @E S  🤣🤣 you mean, Daddy gave it to him! DJT has bankrupted 6 businesses, minimum. 🤣🤣 now daddy isn’t here to bail him out of trouble any more.

  3. No surprise there… looks like Trump’s apartment. Exactly how long has Trump had his Putin infatuation?🤔

  4. As you see, money may buy lot of stuff, but it cannot buy you any good taste. Russia and their bysantine esthetics is the best example.

    1. Indeed Russia is obsessed with that

      They even think the Tsar was decendent of vikings, and they also think Russia is the 4 Roman empire😂😂😂

      Kinda like The Holy Roman empire
      It was neither Holy nor Roman🤣

  5. Looking at these pictures and then looking at Trumps places I would say they are very two similar people.

    1. @E S he earned nothing thanks to daddy and what he’s getting from the less fortunate members he’s grifting from

  6. It is not my style but we are seeing a horrific amount of lavish wealth being bestowed upon a human being who has murdered and maimed thousands of men women and children.

    I could not be proud of that if I was a Russian citizen…or just a human being sharing the responsibilities of being human on this planet!

  7. Nothing Gowdy about Putin or Trump.Both are great men. I believe he will do whatever it takes to get his land back.Love them both.

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